Important Orders - 2018

Order No. Subject Date
A3-3342/2018/ID District wise seniority list of last grade servants and Camp Followers is forwarded to all ministerial staffs and ACAR for information and necessary action 08-08-2018
A3-5117/2017/ID Police Department - Ministerial Establishment - Regularisation of Provisional Promotion of Senior Clerks wef.29/12/2011 - finalised - Orders Issued - Reg 01-08-2018
G2-12379/2010/ID The strength sanctioned to Udumbanchola Police Station - orders issued. 10-07-2018
A3-3342/2018/ID Police Department - Ministerial Establishment - Seniority List of Test Qualified Clerks as on 9/5/2018 - Finalised -Orders issued.. 07-07-2018
B1-11960/2017/ID Information for the payment of fees for the Martial arts class as Karate and Kalari. 27-06-2018
B1-11960/2017/ID The collection of Govt. Money through e-treasury integrated banks and copy of the detailed guidelines for operating the system 18-06-2018
A3-3342/2018/ID Provisional seniority list of test qualified clerks as on 9/5/18 received from PHQ is forwarded to all DPO staffs for information and necessary action 14-06-2018
G1(a)-28116/2018/ID The office memorandum No. 16/2018 dtd 10.6.2018 regarding the CoB messages office memorandum 12-06-2018
G1(a)-26425/2018/ID Circular about the misuse of Government Servant's Office time. 12-06-2018
A3-3342/2018/ID Dated Police Department - Provisional Seniority List of Test Qualified Clerks in Police Department as on 9/5/2018 - Publishing of - reg.. 14-06-2018
G1(a)-26425/2018/ID Circular about the misuse of Government Servant's Office time. 12-06-2018
D1-26683/2018/ID Instruction about the cases and orders of Government. 07-06-2018
N5-65941/2018/PHQ NRA application instruction 06-06-2018
D1-24559/2018/ID SPC's instruction towards the preparation of LA question 04-06-2018
A7-481/2018/ID Printed and Laminated 'Mangala pathram' of retired Police personnel. 04-06-2018
F1(a)-20950/2018/ID The Circular received from the Government of Kerala regarding E&ITD-Enabling acceptance of RuPayDebit & Credit Cards at all Government portals that accept online payment 01-06-2018
A6(a)-421/2018/ID Notification received from Kerala State Legal Services Authority inviting application for appointment on various posts on deputation basis 01-06-2018
A7-481/2018/ID Retirement of police officers/personnel on superannuation on 31.05.2018-erratum order issued of-reg 29-05-2018
D1-24559/2018/ID A Message from SPC Kerala regarding the instruction towards the LA Questions. 28-05-2018
G1(a)-20392/2018/ID Green Protocol - Formation of Committee order issued. 23-05-2018
G2-20575/2018/ID purchase of Flats at Kochi is communicated to all officers for information 21-05-2018
G1(a)-19859/2018/ID Two days rest is granted - who went for Karnataka Election Duty - Orders Issued 15-05-2018
A3-3342/2018/ID Police Department - Ministerial Estt - Seniority List of Test Qualified Clerks as on 6/12/2017 - Finalised - Orders Issued 20-04-2018
A7-481/2018/ID IFMS Electronic exchange of documents - forwarding e-pension 20-04-2018
G2-67806/2016/ID Prepaid CUG SIM Cards in the Police Department- Launch of "SPECIAL TARIFF VOUCHER'' (STV)- For 51029 prepaid CUG connections-reg- 20-04-2018
A3-3342/2018/ID Police department - Provisional seniority list of Typists as on 01-01-2018 19-04-2018
F1(b)-16722/2018/ID Audit programme of Internal Audit Wing of Police Headquarters for the month of April-2018- Intimation Reg 06-04-2018
G1(c)-16110/2018/ID Request for the permission to organize All Kerala Shuttle Tournament for Ministerial staffs of Police Department- Reg 04-04-2018
B3-3995/2018/ID KPWA meetings scheduled to be conducted on 03/04/2018 28-03-2018
G1(a)-14475/2018/ID The letter of the State Police Chief,Kerala forwarded the Government order to all officers for information and necessary action 23-03-2018
B3-3995/2018/ID Message of District Police Chief,The meetings scheduled to be conducted on 24/3/2018 is hereby postponed to 26/03/2018 22-03-2018
D1-8236/2018/ID Message of District Police Chief for LAI Cell Ministerial Staffs 17-03-2018
C3-31411/2018/PHQ State Police Photographic competition & exhibition – reg. 06-03-2018
G2(a)-9264/2018/ID Re designating public Information Officers in Idukki district Police Stations. 16-03-2018
D1-8236/2018/ID Message of District Police Chief for LAI Cell officers 15-03-2018
D1-8236/2018/ID LAI Cell- 10th session of 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly- Constitution of LAI Cell orders issued 15-03-2018
G1(a)-9100/2018/ID The note to office bearers of KPA/KPOA received from police Headquarters to initiate actions to start Whatsapp groups among all officers in Idukki district. 14-03-2018
D1-8236/2018/ID LA Questions and Answers- Important instructions 14-03-2018
B1-11227/2018/ID The letter received from Office of the Principal Accountant General,Thrissur. 05-03-2018
G1(c)-10744/2018/ID E-mail message received from District Collector, Idukki in connection with the information of Climate Change is forwarded 03-03-2018
B1-7569/2018/ID The Government have revised the Delegation of Financial Powers of Administrative Departments of Secretariat and the Head of Departments, including the State Police Chief. 02-03-2018
B3-3995/2018/ID Election to the unit committee of Kerala Police Welfare & Amenity fund for the year 2018 – committee reconstituted - revised proceedings issued of - reg 26-02-2018
B3-3995/2018/ID Election to the unit committee of Kerala Police Welfare & Amenity fund for the year 2018 – committee reconstituted - orders issued - reg 24-02-2018
G1(c)-8995/2018/ID All orders including Punishment, Memo, Transfer, Promotion etc. are written only in 'Malayalam'. 23-02-2018
G1(a)-8567/2018/ID All officers and Staff of the department to take the 'Online Human Rights Pledge', is communicated herewith. 23-02-2018
G1(a)-8105/2018/ID The Tapal to Accountant General by Railway Courier Service - forwarding direction from State Police Chief 17-02-2018
G1(a)-7573/2018/ID constitution of Legal Wing at PHQ order issued;- 14-02-2018
H2-6807/2018/ID Suspension of CPO 3442 Sivalal, Vellathooval Police Station order issued;- 08-02-2018
C3-29392/2017/PHQ Farewell function to be held on 30/1/2018 27-01-2018
G1(a)-3067/2018/ID The Circular of the Principal Secretary to Government regarding the republic day celebrations 25-01-2018
G1(a)-2471/2018/ID The message of IGP KoR with the instructions is forwarded 19-01-2018
G2-3549/2018/ID The Gazette Notification of 'Kochi Metro Police Station' vide. 19-01-2018
G1(a)-3305/2018/ID Allotment of Conference Hall in kerala House Mumbai. 18-01-2018
G1(a)-3257/2018/ID Death report of Sri.M K Ratnavas,Reserve Sub Inspector of Police (C 3131)of District Headquarters,Kannur 18-01-2018
G1(a)-2193/2018/ID the Govt. of Kerala regarding the Martyrs day 2017. 18-01-2018
G1(a)-3095/2018/ID Instruction for Sending Tapal. 17-01-2018
G1(c)-1754/2018/ID Public Service – Acquisition and disposal of movable & immovable Property- Annual return for the year 2016(property statements during 2017 - 2018) 12-01-2018 Forms