District Orders (DOs) - 2019

DO.No. Subject Date
397/2019/ID Retirement of Police officers/personnel on superannuation on 31.05.2019-orders issued-reg. 14-05-2019
289/2019/ID Declaration of probation in respect of Sri.Visak Clerk- Orders issued-Reg. 08-04-2019
251/2019/ID Police Estt - Attach of police personnel orders issued. 27-03-2019
242/2019/ID Declaration of probation in respect of Smt.Lakshmi Sanker Clerk- Orders issued. 23-03-2019
221/2019/ID Estt – transfer and posting of Camp Follower on inter-district transfer basis– admitted to duty – orders issued-. 10-03-2019
205/2019/ID Estt – Provisional promotion of AR PCs who have opted Closed AR as per integration as AR Hcs in Closed AR – Orders issued. 01-03-2019
206/2019/ID Estt – Transfer and posting of Sri. Shibu B.S, CPO U 3651 of DCPHQ Reserve to Railways -relieved orders issued – reg 28-02-2019
200/2019/ID Promotion, transfer and posting of Sri. Johnson Samuel, SCPO U 2535 of Murickassery PS- modified order issued 28-02-2019
75/2019/ID Declaration of Probation of 2 DVR CPOs -Orders Issued. 07-02-2019
60/2019/ID Probation - Declaration of probation of WCPOs - orders issued. 31-01-2019
31/2019/ID Probation - Declaration of probation of WCPO Rona T S - orders issued. 25-01-2019
18/2019/ID Retirement of Police Officers on superannuation on 31.01.2019-orders issued of-reg. 17-01-2019
12/2019/ID Retirement from service on superannuation for the period from 31.01.2019 to 30.06.2020 (18 months) – List publishing of – reg. 10-01-2019