Important Orders - 2017

Order No. Subject Date
A6(a)-26988/2017/ID Applications for clone free Smart ID card - DPCs direction. 27-12-2017
F2-60358/2017/ID 'Okhi Cyclone' - The Government employees offering their salary- order issued. 22-12-2017
G1(c)-38795/2017/ID iAPS Strength management Module - 21-12-2017
F2-60358/2017/ID 'Okhi Cyclone' - The Government employees offering their two days salary- order issued 19-12-2017
G4-79936/2015/PHQ Delay of punishment procedure- order issued. 07-12-2017
B3-8210/2017/ID Renewal of KPWA &A Fund - 2018 16-12-2017
G1(a)-59437/2017/ID Revised rate for money escort provided by Police Department 13-12-2017
B3-73003/2016/ID Notice of Kerala Police Housing Co-Operative Society Ltd, Ernakulam. 06-12-2017
G1(a)-57908/2017/ID The order of the Government of Kerala regarding amendment in communal certificate norms validity extended. 05-12-2017
G1(a)-58108/2017/ID The Mail received from India Vision regarding the criminal activities by man named Jestus Fernandez 05-12-2017
G1(a)-57603/2017/ID Dividend mela to be held on 11/12/2017. 01-12-2017
G2-57117/2017/ID Endt. received from SPC Kerala regarding the interception of Intra Circle roaming facilities in Kerala. 29-11-2017
G1(a)-56525/2017/ID Farewell function to be held on 29/11/2017. 28-11-2017
G1(a)-55865/2017/ID The Circular received from Additional Secretary-Leave of booth level officers 22-11-2017
B3-8135/2017/ID Instruction of Issuing Bus Warrant from police office 20-11-2017
G1(a)-55504/2017/ID The death report of Sundararajan N.P CPO 2978 MM of Ponnani PS 20-11-2017
G1(c)-41383/2016/ID 'Malayala Dinagosham'- Essay competition at collectorate on 03-11-2017. 02-11-2017
G1(a)-51351/2017/ID Rashtirya Sankalp Divas- Circular Memorandum forwarding of reg. 26-10-2017
G2-67806/2016/ID Prepaid CUG SIM Cards in the Police Department- Launch of "SPECIAL TARIFF VOUCHER" (STV) 17-10-2017
B1-38161/2017/ID Loan Debt and Marriage Loan of Government employees- 11-10-2017
H1-45962/2017/ID Formation of District Level Suspension Review Committee- orders issued 09-10-2017
B3-73003/2016/ID KPHC- Invited for the application of Excellence in Education. 07-10-2017
G1(a)-45270/2017/ID The visiting period of Idukki Dam is extended. 19-09-2017
G1(a)-43463/2017/ID Certificates validity extended. 07-09-2017
B3-73003/2016/ID KPHC - Invited for the application of Professional Education Scholarship. 07-09-2017
F5(a)-16912/2017/ID Updation of VISWAS software Database. 30-08-2017
B3-73003/2016/ID KPHC - Reducing interest rate of various loans. 24-08-2017
G2-67806/2016/ID CUG Numbers of Ministerial Staffs-Re Shuffling 23-08-2017
G1(a)-41929/2017/ID Aadhar Card changes-Letter from Akshaya District Project Office Idukki 23-08-2017
G1(a)-34229/2017/ID Independence Day Celebrations 2017- Government Circular 11-08-2017
F1(a)-15314/2017/ID Submitting of Ration Card - Order issued 10-08-2017
G5-38328/2017/ID Nomination form from the President Indian Council for Child Welfare 04-08-2017
F1(a)-33072/2017/ID Federal bank Salary Package 21-07-2017
F1(a)-33072/2017/ID Letter received from Federal bank 19-07-2017
F1(a)-33072/2017/ID Letter received from Axis bank 04-07-2017
350/CAMP/2017/ID Ransomware attack - Precautionary measures - Instruction issued 01-07-2017
G1(a)-26629/2017/ID June-5 World Environment Day - Order-issued 02-06-2017
G1(a)-26629/2017/ID ലോക പരിസ്ഥിതി ദിനത്തില്‍ മരത്തൈ വിതരണം ചെയ്യുന്നതും ഓഫീസുകളും പരിസരവും വൃത്തിയാക്കുന്നതും സംബന്ധിച്ച. 27-05-2017
A1-105/2017/ID Issue of clone free Identity Cards for all members of Police Department - Orders -issued -Reg 22-05-2017
F1(b)-11290/2017 Advance payment of Income Tax for the Financial year 2017-18 19-04-2017
: G1(a)-64651/2016/ID Introducing PRO System-Appointing PROs/Asst PROs in Police Stations 21-04-2017