A short film of Munnar Janamaithri Police

A short film made under the leadership of Munnar Janamaithri Police as part of the “Yodhav” project formed by the Kerala Police to prevent the supply, use and spread of drugs.

          Munnar Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. KR Manoj has composed the lyrics and Mr. The music album was also produced under the direction of Bineesh Antony.

     Munnar Police Inspector Mr. Manesh K Paulus, Sub Inspector Shri. Maniyan KD, Senior Civil Police Officer Mr. Venugopal Prabhu, Civil Police Officers Smt. Renjini VR, Smt. Laija Mol, Mr. Jibin George, Mr. Shyamesh, Mr. Razak, Mr. Anishkumar PR, Mr. Police officers Shanavas CY and children Deepak CG, Divya CG, Yoyo Periyavarai, Ribish B, Niket Krishna and Joel Jose gave life to the characters.

    Send a WhatsApp message to the Anti-Narcotics Army number if you notice any drug dealing or use in the area. Information can be conveyed in the form of photo, video, text and voice. Note that the iP...

“Yoddhav” project

As a part of the “Yoddhav” project formed to prevent the supply, use and spread of drugs, the Tug of war  competition organized by Karimannur Janmaitri Police is being held on 18th September 2022 at Karimannur town. District Superintendent of Police Mr. VU Kuriakos IPS officiated the inauguration. Police, Excise, Forest, Press Club, Traders, Taxi Drivers and Kudumbashree members participate in the competition.


Punyam Poonkavanam

'Punyam Poonkavanam', the clean drive initiative of the Kerala Police in Sabarimala, spreads the message of a plastic-free Sabarimala. The volunteers on Wednesday have made this message spread among the devotees coming from other states. The plastic in the irumudikettu is littered in the premises and this has become a menace to control for the volunteers. Punyam Poonkavan wants the devotees to take back the plastic wastes back to their homes and destroy it. From the next pilgrimage season onward, stop bringing plastic in irumudikettu. They also should spread the message of not bring plastic materials in irumudikeettu among their villagers. Kerala Police's 'Punyam Poonkavanam' gives a strong message that pilgrims should not leave the plastic in the sacred garden of Lord Ayyappa. The Kerala police distributed pamphlets among the devotees with messages giving them awareness about the harm of bringing plastic to Sabarimala. The pamphlets also want devotees from...




             At least 66 children have committed suicide in Kerala since the imposing of the lockdown in the state till the end of June 2020. With schools closed and minimum chances for social interaction, children are experiencing tremendous mental stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. In this context, Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri Pinarayi Vijayan has launched a project named 'Chiri' for ensuring the wellbeing of ch...