District Civil Police Head Quarters Reserve (DCPHQ)

     District Civil Police Head Quarter Idukki was formed on 2011. formerly this unit is known as District Head Quarter (DHQ) In DCPHQ , Idukki most of the officers are comes from various units, on working arrangement basis. This wing is headed by the Additional Superintendent of Police (formerly Deputy Superintendent of Police, Administration) who is also the nodal officer of Janamaithry Suraksha and co-ordinator of Various courses for Police personnel. He is in charge of all correspondence handled by Administration Wing.

 Police Clearance Certificate for individuals are issued through the office of the Additional Superintendent of Police.

District Head Quarters (DHQ) (formerly District Armed Reserve Unit)



Emblem Of Idukki

      The armed police battalions serve as reserve force to be deployed whenever and wherever the district police fall short of manpower in the maintenance of law & order. When so deployed, they function under the control of the district police officers and are returned to their camps as soon as the requirement is over.

      The District Armed Reserve Idukki was formed on 01.11.1974 by reallocating companies from Kottayam and Eranakulam District armed Reserve Vide GO(MS)58/74/Home Dated:03.01.1974. Now the headquarters of Armed Reserve is located at Kuyilimala near to Idukki Collectorate and Idukki District Police Office Idukki. The Idukki District Armed Reserve Camp situated in land of 6 hector with survey number 161/1 of Idukki village of Idukki Taluk.


Administrative Block

    Sri. P K Hormis Tharakan IPS Former Director General of Police kerala, laid the foundation stone of the new administration block of the AR Camp Idukki on 19.03.2004. The construction work of the same has been started on 19.03.2004 and inaugurated on 29.09.2012 by sri. Thiruvanchur Radha Krishnan, Hon. Home Minister Kerala.



Flag Of Idukki 


Organizational Structure

    For the purpose of ease in administration, the entire strength of AR Idukki is grouped into 2 Wings. &lsquoA&rsquo & &lsquoB&rsquo Companies forms I Wing, &lsquoC&rsquo, &lsquoD&rsquo & &lsquoHQ&rsquo Companies forms II Wing. In addition to this, the entire strength of Drivers & MT Mechanics is grouped as MT Wing. Each Wing is under the direct control of a Reserve Inspector and supervisory control of an Assistant Commandant. MT Wing is under the direct control of Motor Transport Inspector and supervisory control of an Assistant Commandant.

Assistant Commandant First Wing

    The senior most Assistant Commandant of AR Idukki acts as Assistant Commandant First Wing . He is in Charge of Government and Private funds of the Armed Reserve Idukki, assisted by the AR Cashier, he is responsible for conducting the audit of the private funds under his charge according to the existing instructions.

Supervision of QM Store, Anti Sabotage Team equipments , Arms and Ammunitions, Tear Gas equipments and Motor Transport Wing, &lsquoA&rsquo & &lsquoB&rsquo companies, and general maintenance of the camp ,etc comes under Assistant Commandant First Wing.

Assistant Commandant Second Wing

&lsquo  He is the in-charge of all Police Guards provided to various Agencies/Institutions from the Idukki Armed Reserve. He routinely perform guard checking and ensure alertness and effectiveness of the guards as well as welfare of the guards. He will also responsible for the preparation of bill of coast of the guards and forwarding the same to district police office in time. C company , D Company , HQ Company, AR Library and AR mess etc comes under the supervision of Assistant Commandant Second Wing.

Reserve Inspector First Wing , Reserve Inspector Second Wing

    Reserve Inspector First Wing directly supervise the functioning of &lsquoA company &rsquo and &lsquoB company&rsquo of Idukki Armed Reserve.Reserve Inspector Second Wing directly supervise C,D and Head Quarter companies. AR Mess and AR Canteen are also functioning under his direct control. He is also responsible for arranging routine duty arrangements.

   The Motor Transport Unit of Idukki Armed Reserve is directly supervised by Reserve Inspector II wing, assisted by one SI.The Motor Transport Unit of Idukki Armed Reserve have a strength of 1 head constable , 10 AR constables and 60 drivers.

  About 21 payments, 8 nonpayment guards are being provided from Armed Reserve, Idukki. Almost all the Dams, including Idukki Arch Dam (Largest Arch Dam in India) Power Houses and some Treasuries in Idukki district are guarded by the Idukki Armed Reserve Unit .

   A subsidiary central police canteen is also functioning with in the The District Armed Reserve Camp Idukki, inaugurated on by Sri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan Hon. minister for home , vigilance & prisons, Kerala.

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