Highway Police


Highway Police Vehicle

      The highway patrol functioning started from Highway provides 24x7 assistance by giving aids to the accidents in Highways, trying to stop. This system was introduced in the Kerala Police vide PHQ Circular No.9/02, dated 09/08/02 and order No. U6-51825/02, dated 08/05/03 respectively with objectives controlling Traffic, enforcement of Traffic Laws, prevention of Road Accidents, providing immediate attention and assistance to victims of accidents, handling of Law & Order issues, and enforcement of Laws on Highways, etc.

Performance of High Way police patrol is

  • Traffic Enforcement with a view to avoid road accidents and bring immediate relief to victims of accident.
  • Traffic control at the places where there are chances of traffic jams at and places where people gather in large numbers such as Schools, Places of Worship, Hospitals etc.
  • Attend to all L&O issues on the Highways.
  • Attend any distress call from any person on Highway.
  • Check for any illicit transportation of contraband articles, smuggling of goods, stolen vehicles etc.
  • Attend to all information regarding crimes of trivial in nature on the Highways in time.
  • To render assistance to the traveling public on the Highways, as and when needed with care and courtesy.
  • Act as a moving Police Station to help public etc.
  • Immediate action may be taken to clear traffic obstruction along the High Way.
  • Legal action may be initiated through the concerned PS whenever necessary.
  • Immediate assistance by way of arranging FIRST AID and removal of injured people to hospitals nearby.
  • To prevent passengers from travelling on foot boards of moving vehicles.
  • To monitor VIP movements to VIPs passing through the High Way.
  • To check all suspicious vehicle and check for illicit transport of arms and ammunition, illegal transport of spirit etc.
  • Clear Traffic


     At present a total of 44 Highway Police Patrols are functioning along all the important Roads in Kerala.In addition to this, a Highway Alert Number 9846 100 100 has been widely publicized, and any person can contact this number to get the assistance of the Highway Police anytime (day or night) In the last two years, the Highway Police helped in averting some major accidents, reached timely medical help to a large number of accident victims in odd hours, detected some Crime cases and arrested some criminals. The success story continues. To reach the Police help on the Highways and on major Roads in Kerala, 44 well equipped versatile vehicles have been pressed into service and they constitute what is known as Highway Police and the vehicles are known as Highway Patrols.

Three Highway patrols in Idukki Police District are

  1. HP Kanjikuzhy &ndash Kalvary Mount to Odiyapara (Base Station &ndash Kaliyar) Mobile : 9497976029
  2. HP Peerumedu &ndash Kalleppalam to Kumily (Base Station &ndash Peerumedu) Mobile : 9497975358
  3. HP Adimaly- Kilo 27 &ndash Nariamangalam to Munnar (Base Station &ndash Adimaly)Mobile : 9946500127

Strength of the high way patrol is 1 SI, 1 ASI/HC, 1 PC AND 1 Driver PC are on duty in each Highway Patrol Vehicle in each shift.

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