Presidents Police Medal for Distinguished Service

The President's Police Medal is a decoration awarded to members of law enforcement in India and was originally called the President's Police and Fire Service Medal. The medal is awarded for either gallantry or distinguished service. The medal is awarded annually on Republic Day and Independence Day. The President's Police Medal for Gallantry is awarded for, "gallantry in saving life and property, or in preventing crime or arresting criminals." The medal may be awarded to any member of a police service in India, and is awarded without regard to rank or time in service. The President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service is awarded for long and distinguished service to individuals who have served at least 21 years in the police service or in the central police and security organizations. Individuals must be prior recipients of the Police Medal for Meritorious Service and must have held that medal for at least six years.

Last updated on Tuesday 16th of November 2021 PM