Women Cell , Idukki


Women cell


     Women Cell, Idukki was constituted on as per GO No.31522/A1/96 Home Dated 20/06/1996 and vide Order No. G3-23579-ID Dated 16/06/1996 of Superintendent of Police, Idukki on 06/07/1996. Iinitially the office was functioning at Idukki Police Station under the control of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Crime detachment Idukki.

    Later the Women Cell office was shifted from Cheruthony to Painavu PWD quarters No.D32. On 15/09/2010 women cell was shifted to the old AR Camp building at Cheruthony, near IP office,Idukki.

Jurisdiction And Strength

    This Women Cell Unit has jurisdiction through out the Idukki Police District. Earlier the strength of Women Cell, Idukki is WSI-1 HC-2 PC 2.. Later the strength was changed as per PHQ Order No. S1-56463/2002 dated on 24/09/2002 .


Activities of women cell Idukki

Women reception Desk

Women Reception Desk started at Women Cell, Idukki on 29/07/2010 as per order No.G2 145/2010 ID (No.S2-54099/A/2010 ). It is functioning in a good manner by giving legal assistance and counseling to the petitioner as and when it is necessary.

Advisory Board

Advisory board meeting is conducted quarterly at Women cell, Idukki, headed by DySP, Crime Detachment Idukki,as per Order No. G4-19560/11/ID dated 19/07/11 . A report in this regard is submitted to District police Chief Idukki, and to the Superintendent of Police, State Women Cell, Thiruvananthapuram. Members of womens council,elected representatives,councillors and psychologists etc participate in this Advisory Board Meetings.

Monitoring Atrocities Against Women

Whenever a women atrocity case is registered in a police station, Inspector of Women Cell, Idukki will monitor the case, where women is a victim . Inspector of Women Cell records the statement of women and children in women victim cases.

Tribal Hostel Visit

Women Cell Inspector visit the tribal hostels regularly as per the instruction of District Police Chief and conducts awareness classes.

Redressal committee

A redressal committee has been formed at Women cell, Idukki as per order No. D2/30658/2005/ID dated 130/10/2006 for the protection of women employees from sexual harassment at work places.Committee has been conducted monthly, headed by Inspector of Police,Women Cell, Idukki.Representatives of District Police Office staff and police personnels of women cell, Idukki are the memmers in this committe. A report in this regard has been submitted to District police Chief Idukkii.

Vanitha Help Line

As per GO (Rt) No.230/2009/Home dated 22/01/2009 Vanitha Help Line Kattappana started functioning under the control of Crime Detachment DYSP and Inspector of Police,Women Cell .

Thodupuzha Women Cell, is started on 17/02/2007 as per order No.G2-31103/2006/ID dated 13/02/2007. During June 2012,Women Cell, Thodupuzha is attached to District Control room,Thodupuzha fro setting up of call centers and quick action Team in Idukki District to respond to the distress call of women.(Order No.W1/103/12/SP/WC Dated 01/12/12 . Thodupuzha Women cell has been changed as Women Help Line as per this order.

Other Duties Performed By Women Cell Idukki

  • Counseling
  • Visiting of SC/ST Colonies.
  • Conduct awareness classes for women and children.
  • Shadow patrolling.
  • Patrolling
  • Point duty
  • Beat

Type of Petitions received at Women Cell

  • Harassment from relatives of wife or husband.
  • Desertion of husband.
  • Threatening by accused after getting bail.
  • Dowry Cases
  • Harassment of women by neighbors
  • Eve Teasing
  • Molestation
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Kidnaping /Man missing
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