Adimaly Circle

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Adimaly Circle Office
Adimaly Circle Office

Came into existence

This office was formed on 11/08/1978 as per the Government order No. 720/78/ Home dated 05/04/1978. Adimali Circle Office and Adimali Police station functioning in the same building at Adimali Kallarkutty road and 500 meter away from NH 49. Total area of Circle jurisdiction is 160.29 sq KM, contains 9 villages 7 panchayath and 1 block Panchayath.

J. Thampi was the first Circle Inspector of Adimali Circle Office. Adimali circle limit have wide jurisdiction with three Police stations, one Traffic unit and One Highway Patrol. They are ,Adimaly , Rajakkad , Vellathooval Police Stations , Adimaly Traffic Unit and Highway Patrol (K-27). Adimali circle limit is the gateway to Munnar, contains lot of tourist places, hill areas, forest, waterfalls, spices, hydroelectric projects, dams etc with good climate for attracting the tourist from all over the world.

Janamaithri Police program introduced at Adimali Police Station in Adimali circle. The well established 7 Janamaithri Beats are functioning with the help and participation of public under the guidance of Inspector of Police, Adimali, SHO Adimali and a Community Relations Officer and the programme is functioning successfully. Recently Janamaithri programme is introduced at Rajakkad Police station also and functioning in a good manner.

Boarders of Adimali Circle

Adimali circle Jurisdiction border comes Northen side Munnar Circle Eatern side Devikulam Circle Southern side Nedumkandom, Idukki and Kanjikuzhi Circle and Western side Kothamangalam Circle.

Units functioning under Adimaly Circle

Adimaly Police Station

Adimaly P.S was opened on 01/10/1975 vide G.O (Rt) No.1779/75/HOME dated 03/09/1975. Prior to this it was known as Mannamkandam out post. Government have in G.O (Rt) No. 1993/84/HOME. dated 21/3/1984 issue modification for shifting the present Adimaly Police Station to the newly constructed building on 24/03/1984.

Rajakkad Police Station

As per G.O (Rt) No. 1614/72/HOME dated 03.10.72 Valiyakandam Police Station was opened on 15.11.1972 and the name of the police Station was changed as Rajakkad police station vide G.O (Rt) No. 882/72/HOME dated 03.03.1978. This police station was shifted to the present building on 18.06.1992 vide GO (Rt) No. 1484/92/Home dated 24.03.1992.

Vellathooval Police Station

Vellathooval Police Station was opened on 16.01.1958 vide G.O (MS) No.62/Home as to give protection to the work of Sengulam and Pallivassal Dams. Later due to the formation of Adimaly Police Station Vellathooval Police Station was degraded as an Out Post vide G.O (Rt) No. 1779/75/Home dated 03.09.75. This Police Station was opened on 19.12.87 vide G.O (Rt) No. 3533/87/Home dated 23.09.87.

Traffic Unit Adimaly

Traffic Unit Adimaly was opened vide order No,. Go(Ms) No. 220/2012/Home dated 07/08/2012 at Adimali for handling the traffic matters in Adimali town and started functioning on 29/09/2012.

Highway Patrol (K-27)

The highway patrol (K-27) functioning started from 2007 on NH - 49. Highway patrol provides 24x7 assistance on NH – 49 from Nariamangalam to Munnar by giving aids to the accidents in Highways and trying to stop crimes.


  • Adimali
  • Pallivasal
  • Vallathooval
  • Konnathady
  • Rajakkadu
  • Rajakumari
  • Baonvally

Loksabha and Legislative constituency

  • Loka Sabha Constituency: Idukki
  • Legislative Constituencies : Devikulam ,Udumbanchola ,Idukki


  • JFCM Court Adimali


Kallarkutty, Ponmudy.

Hydel Power Stations

Pallivasal, Panniyar, Sengulam, Neriyamangalam, Iruttukanam(Private)

Watter Falls

Cheeyappara, Valara, Adimaly, Kuthungal.

Student Police Cadet Project

Five SPC units are functioning in Adimali circle limit. They are at SNDP High school Adimali, Govt. VHSS Deviyar Colony in Adimali Police station limit, GHSS Rajakkad, SN HSS at NR city in Rajakkadu Police station limit and GHSS Panickankudy in Vellathooval Police Station limit.

Every SPC units conducting awareness programs among students and society while celebrating various “Days” with an aim to make a good society. They also provide helps to the poor colleagues. “Chengathikkoru swapna Bhavanam” program conducted by the SPC Unit GHSS Panickankudy is a better example for this. They provide a shelter to their schoolmate by the co-ordination of the students, Police personals and public.

Good Works Done

Changathikkoru Swapna Bhavanam

 Changathikkoru Swapna Bhavanam Key Giving Cermony
Changathikkoru Swapna Bhavanam Key Giving Cermony
 Changathikkoru Swapna Bhavanam Home Build By Students
Changathikkoru Swapna Bhavanam Home

As part of 'Changathikkoru Swapna Bhavanam' project Student Police Cadet unit at GHSS Panickankudy school built a home for one of the student of GHSS Panickankudy school.

Janamaithri Police Canteen

 janamaithry police canteen adimaly
Janamaithri Police Canteen

On 27.08.2014 Devikulam MLA Sree Rajendran S inaugurated the Janamaithri Police Canteen , Adimaly .Capital of this project is collected by forming a communion of hundred police officers who live in and around Adimaly.A capital amount of 12 Lakh is collected by collecting 12000 from each member.The goal of this initiation is to provide quality food to public and police personals in a low cost than general market.Thus the profit made by this initiation is very low and it is decided in the bylaw that 51 percentage of the profit should spent on charitable activities and remaining profit is for maintenance of canteen building and pay back for its members. People of Adimaly welcomes this initiation with great enthusiasm and it is working in a good manner.