Devikulam Circle

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Devikulam Circle Office
Devikulam Circle Office

This office is located at the Devikulam Taluk head quarter and started functioning from 22.09.1994 as per Order No. G.O (MS) 138/94-Home dated 16.08.1994 and Endt. No.SH.82374/92 dated 21.07.1994 of Director General of Police, Kerala. Devikulam Circle jurisdiction consists of Devikulam and Santhanpara police stations and Udumbanchola Out post.

Devikulam Police Station

Devikulam Police station is one of the oldest police stations in the state and the date of opening or any other related details are not available. This police station is now functioning in a new government building from 23.03.2006 onwards vide GO (Rt) no 2899/04/Home dated 30.12.2004. Kottakamboor, Vattavada in full and part of KDH village comes under the jurisdiction of Devikulam Police Station.

Santhanpara Police Station

Santhanpara police station started functioning on 07.07.1975 as per the GO (RT) No.781/Home/75 dated 31.05.1975 in a Police Quarters. Later this station was shifted to the newly constructed building on 13.11.1985 as per GO (Rt) No.2993/35/Home dated 05.11.1985. Pooppara, Santhanpara, Chathurangappara, Udumbanchola, Kanthippara, Chinnakanal villages in full and part of Rajakumary and Parathodu Villages comes under the jurisdiction of Santhanpara Police Station.

Udumbanchola Outpost

Udumbanchola out post was earlier functioned as a police station with Santhanpara as it’s out post. Later, on 1975, Udumbanchola Police station was degraded to outpost and Santhanpara out post was up graded to a Police station with Udumbanchola as its outpost.

Circle Jurisdiction

Police Stations Village Panchayath
Devikulam KDH (Part), Vattavada, Kottakamboor Devikulam Vattavada.
Santhanpara Santhanpara, Pooppara, Udumbanchola, Chathurangappara,Chinnakanal,Kanthippara, Parathodu and Rajakumary (Part) Santhanpara, Chinnakanal, Senapathy

Loksabha and Legislative constituency

  • Loka Sabha Constituency: Idukki
  • Legislative Constituencies : Devikulam

Vital Establishment

Akasavani Devikulam, Adventure Academy Devikulam, Catering College Sooryanelly, Tea factories at Lockhart, Chokkanadu, Periyakanal, Sooryanelly, Panniyar.

Major Tourist Places

Anayirangal dam Chinnakanal water falls, Kurinjimala Sanctuary Vattavada, Mathikettan Chola, Pambadum Chola, Gap road, Old Devikulam Lake. .