Idukki Circle

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Came into existence

The circle was formed on 15/10/1971 as Kulamavu Circle vide GO (RT) No.1368/71/ Home Dated 13.09.1971 and subsequently the circle was shifted to Idukki from Kulamavu vide GO (RT) No.720/78/ Home Dated 05/04/1978 and started functioning at Painavu on 04/12/1978. The office was shifted from Painavu to Cheruthony on 01/08/1995 vide order No.G2-17144/95-ID dated 29/07/1995.

Idukki Circle consists of Idukki and Murickassery Police Stations. Idukki Police Station started its functioning on 02/06/1968 vide GO(MS) No.375/68 Home Dated 28/01/1968 and Murickassery Police Station become operational on 05/02/1978 as per GO(RT) No.219/78/Home Dated 31/01/1978.

Idukki Police Circle has jurisdiction of three villages Vazhathoppu , Maryrapuram , Vathikudy ,


  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Idukki
  • Muncif Court ,Idukki
  • Consumer Reddressel Forum ,Idukki

Loksabha and Legislative Constituencies

  • Idukki Loksabha Constituency
  • Idukki Legislative Constituency

Main Landmarks and Tourist Centres in Idukki Circle

Idukki Arch Dam is the largest Arch dam in Asia and it situated very near to Idukki Circle Office . Idukki dam , Cheruthony dam, Hill View Park and Idukki Reservoir are the major attractions of tourists .Thousands of people visits these places every year. KSEB and KTDC jointly conducts boating in Idukki reservoir .

Various projects functioning at Idukki circle

  • Women Help Desk
  • School Protection Groups
  • Clean Campus Safe Campus
  • Student Police Cadet

Important Establishments And Institutions

Government Offices
  • Collectorate
  • District Police Office
  • Revenue Divisional Office
  • Regional Transport Office
  • Idukki Taluk Office
  • District Planning Office
  • District Civil Supplies Office
  • District Panchayath Office
  • Block Panchayath Office
  • District Medical Office
  • District Industrial Development Office
  • District Water Authority Office
  • BSNL Divisional Office, Idukki
  • District Treasury , Painavu
  • Sub Treasury , Murickassery.
  • Idukki Medical Collage Hospital
  • District Hospital
  • Co-Operative Hospital, Karimpana
  • Alphonsa Hospital, Murickassery
  • Community Health Centre, Vathikudy at 16 th Kandom
Educational Institutions
  • Govt. Engineering College, Idukki
  • Govt. Poly Technic , Painavu
  • Pavanatma College , Murickassery
  • Mar Sleeva College , Murickassery
  • St. Georges Higher Secondary School ,Vazhathoppu
  • Kendriya Vidhyala , Idukki
  • St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Murickassery
  • Vimala HS, Vimalagiri
  • Model Residential School, Painavu
  • St.Mary's High School , Mariyapuram
  • De – Paul Public School, Rajamudy
Financial Institutions
  • State Bank Of Travancore ,Painavu
  • Federal Bank ,Cheruthony
  • Union Bank ,Cheruthony
  • South Indian Bank ,Idukki
  • South Indian Bank ,Murickassery
  • State Co operative Bank, Cheruthony
  • District Coperative Bank, Cheruthony
  • Union Bank ,Murickassery
  • Federal Bank ,Thopramkudy
  • Union Bank ,Thopramkudy
Religious Institutions
  • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple , Vazhathoppu
  • Sree Mahavishnu Temple , Painavu
  • Sree Mahadeva Temple 16 th Kandom
  • Ayyappa Temple Vathikudi
  • Subrahmanya Mahadeva Temple , Murickassery
  • St. George Cathedral Church , Vazhathoppu
  • St. Mary's Church Mariyapuram
  • St. Mary's Church ,Murickassery
  • Muhyaddin Juma Mazjid , Murickassery
  • Muhyaddin Puthenpally Juma Mazjid 16 th Kandom
  • Hidayathul Islam Juma Mazjid , Thopramkudy
Social Shelters
  • Snehamandiram , Murickassery
  • Snehabhavan, Murickassery
  • Swadhar Shelter Home , Idukki
  • Public Library , Murickassery