Kanjikuzhy Circle

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Came into existence

This office started functioning from 01.08.2002 as per G.O. (MS) 105/2002 Home Dated: 06.07.02. This Circle includes Kanjikuzhy and Karimanal Police Stations as its jurisdiction. Formerly Karimanal circle was functioning at Karimanal with an objective to maintain law and order in Lower Periyar Hydro electric Project area where a dam at Pambla and a power house at Karimanal were constructed. Karimanal circle was abolished prior to the formation of Kanjiuzhy Circle.

Kanjikuzhy Police station was opened on 20.05.1979 as per GO (Rt) 1042/79/Home (E) Dated 19.05.1979 in a rental building and later it was shifted to the new police station building on 20.10.1994

Karimanal Police station was formed vide GO (Rt) No. 17/87 Home Dated 03.02.1987 and functioning in a building of KSEB at Karimanal.

Loksabha and Legislative constituency

  • Idukki Loksabha Constituency
  • Idukki Legislative Constituency

Important Tourist Places

Meenuliyan para

Meenuliyan para is noted for a huge rock that rises more than 4000 feet and has about two acres of evergreen forest on top of it. The rock itself covers an area more than 500 acres. The surface of this huge rock mountain looks like fish scales and hence the mountain gets the name ‘ Meenuliyan Para’. The lofty peaks of the Meenuliyan para are covered in mist on rainy days but on a fine sunny day the lower Periyar area, Bhoothathankettu and even Ernakulam are visible from these heights.Meenuliyan para is located 47 km from Muvattupuzha and 51 km from Thodupuzha. Meenuliyan para can be reached only by a pedestrian path for about 10 km from Mullaringad, in Vannappuram Panchayath in Idukki district. Cochin Port and parts of Thrissur district can also be seen from top of the Meenuliyan para. Meenuliyan para is currently known only to a few nature lovers. Idukki tourism is looking to project the relatively unknown Meenuliyan para into a tourism spot aimed at trekking and mountaineering. The breathtaking views from the top of this huge rock is already attracting attention but still the place remains relatively unknown when compared with other trekker's delights like Parunthumpara near peerumedu.


Palkulamedu, is one of the most Ideal trekking locations in Idukki. A small fresh water pool at the top of the hill adds up another jewel to the enchanting beauty. Its due to this pool, the hill was awarded the name Pal-kulam-medu, which means a hill with pool of nutritious water.A view of the Periyar gorge from the Palkulamedu Peak is much admirable. The vast spans of evergreen Hills, one after another fills till the horizon and the beautiful view of Sunset and Sunrise gives makes this place an ideal view point.

It is located at the distance of 12 km from Idukki. It is addressed at an elevation of 3125 meters above from the sea level. The place is of great interest for the tourists of any age. It is an ideal destination for adventure makers and trekkers. The beauty of Palkulamedu is indescribable and it offers the perfect ambiance of the nature. The place can be visited in any time of the year as the weather remains calm all the time except monsoon which falls in the month of June to September. The place is near to the natural destination Idukki and it carries the same historical events in and around. As the historical information of Idukki district still holds the information which dates back to early 10th century and the region Palkulamedu falls under this region. The archeological relics and some of the places remind the early life of the Stone Age. In today the place has now become one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala tourism.

Important Establishments And Institutions

  • Village Office, Kanjikuzhy
  • Grama Panchayath Office, Kanjikuzhy
  • Krishi Bhavan, Chelachuvadu
  • Kanjkuzhy Market
  • Chelachuvadu Market
  • CHC Hospital Kanjkuzhy
  • CSI medical Mission Hospital, Chelachuvadu
  • Govt.Ayueveda Hospital, Chelachuvadu
  • Govt.Ayueveda Hospital, Venmay
  • Govt.Ayueveda Hospital, Varikamuthan
  • Govt. Homeo Hospital, Pazhayarikandam
  • Govt. ITI, Eazhukampi, Kanjikuzhy
  • Govt. HS, Kanjikuzhuy, Alpara
  • Govt. HS, Pazhayarikandam
  • S N HSS Kanjikuzhy
  • S N V H S S Kanjikuzhy
  • St:Thomas H S Punnayar Kanjikuzhy
  • Santhom Public School Chelackuvadu
  • Union Bank of India, Chelachuvadu
  • Service Co-Operative Bank, Kanjikuzhy
  • Dist. Co-operative Bank, Kanjikuzhuy
  • Sree Subramanya Temple , Kanjikuzhy
  • Sree Krishna Temple, Kanjikuzhuy
  • Sree Mahadeva Temple, Pazhayarikandam
  • Subramanya Temple, Vattompara
  • Sree Mahadeva Temple, Mazhuvadi
  • Thripura Mahakshethram, Mazhuvadi
  • Ponnumpoojari Kshethram, Attikkalam
  • Gurumandiram Kshethram, Churuli
  • Siva Parvathy Temple, Keerithode
  • Mangattil Arumukha Temple, Pazhayarikandam
  • St. Marys Church, Kanjikuzhy
  • St. George Orthodox Church, Vattompara
  • St. Marys Church, Chelachuvadu
  • St. Thomas Church, Churuli
  • St. Thomas Church, Pazhayarikandam
  • St. Sebastians Church, Pazhayarikandam
  • St. George Church, Venmony
  • Ilahiya Juma Masjid, Kanjikuzhy
  • Muhayudheen Juma Masjid, Churuli
  • Juma Masjid, Keerithode
  • Panchayath Library, Kanjikuzhuy
  • Panchayath Library, Keerithode.
  • Panchayath Library, Chelachuvadu
  • Panchayath Library, Punnayar

Various projects functioning at Kanjikuzhuy circle

Student police cadet

Student police cadet project has been commenced on 2016 at SNHSS Nankicity, Kanjikuzhy.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

As part of Clean campus safe campus introduced by Govt. of Kerala, the programme is effectively implementing in all most all Schools functioning in Kanjikuzhy Circle.