Kattappana Circle

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Came into existence

The Kattappana Circle was formed as per G.O (Ms) 27/94 Home, dated 24/02/1994 and it started functioning in 9th June 1994. Since then it has been functioning in the building of Kattappana Police Station. The Kattappana Circle office has been shifted to the first floor of the present building on 18/03/2004 ,and it is constructed by KPHCC. The new office was inaugurated by Sri. P.K. Hormis Tharakan, IPS, Hon’ble Director General of Police, Kerala . The office of the Dy. Superintendent of Police, Kattappana is functioning in the ground floor of the same building.

The Circle office is situated in Kattappana town, opposite the SBI branch Kattappana and 200 meters away from old bus stand and 300 meters away from the new bus stand and 1.5 km away from the KSRTC Bus stand.

Borders and jurisdiction

The Kattappana Police Circle Jurisdiction border comes Eastern side Nedumkandam Circle, South side Peermedu Circle, Western side Idukki reservoir and the Northern side Idukki Circle.

The Circle consisting three Police Stations namely Kattappana , Vandanmedu , Thankamony and one Traffic Unit Kattappana.

Formally the name of Kattappana Police Station was ‘Ayyappan Covil’ Police Station and it housed in an old Forest Guard Station near the Forest Range office at Ayyappan Covil, Building No. AP IV/198 of Ayyappan Covil Panchaythu in Ayyappan Covil Village. On 12/12/1973 the Ayyappan Covil Police Station was shifted to the new building belongs to Police Department at Kattappana in building No. 1/1150 of Kattappana Panchaythu in Kattappana Village. Ayyappan Covil Police Station was renamed as ‘Kattappana Police Station’ as per GO (RT) No. 1841/73-Home, dated 23/11/1973.

The Kattappana Police Station consists of Kanchiyar, Kattappana, Erattayar and Thankamany Villages. The Kattappana Police Station consisting the following Karas :- Murikkattukudy, Kanchiyar, Kalthotty, Nariyamapara, Reserve Forest, Thoppippala, Kattappana, Vallakkadavu, Kunthalampara, Kadamakuzhy, Vazhavara, Vellayamkudy, Nathukallu, Kochuthovala, Pandippara, Thankamany, Kamakshy, Nellippara, Erattayar, Nankuthotty, Thulasippara, Uppukandam etc.

Prior to the up-gradation, Vandanmedu Police Station was a Police Out Post since 22/02/1961 to 01/03/1961. As per the GO (RT) 273/Home, dated 22/02/1961 the Out Post formed and upgraded as charging Station on 01/03/1961. Building No. 5/56 in Ward No. 11 of Vandanmedu Panchaythu is now used for the Vandanmedu Police Station. This building is located about 100 meters away from the Vandanmedu town and it belongs to 3 Acres and 09 cents of land.

Vandanmedu PS consists of Vandanmedu, Aanakkara, Pampadumpara, Karunapuram Villages and a part of Chakkupallam Village. Vandanmedu PS consists of the following Karas: - Vandanmedu, Maly, Karuvakulam, Anakkara, Chettukuzhy, Kochara, Moongipallam, Anakuthi, Valiyathovala (part), Pampadumpara (area upto Pampadumpara Estate), Anyarthuolu (part), Paliyankandam, Puliyanmala and Soolappara.

The Traffic Unit Kattappana is functioning the nearby building of the office of the Inspector of Police.Kattappana


  • Sessions Court, Kattappana.
  • Family Court Kattappana.
  • Muncif Court Kattappana.

Loksabha and Legislative constituency

  • Idukki Loksabha Constituency
  • Legislative constituencies - Idukki and Udumbenchola


  • Kattappana
  • Kanchiyar
  • Erattayar
  • Kamakshy
  • Vandanmedu
  • Chakkupallam
  • Pampadumpara(Partially)
  • Karunapuram (Partially)


Kattappana, Erattayar, Thankamany

The lion portion of the hill products Cardamom, Pepper, Ginger, Clove, Coco etc. in Idukki District provides Kattappana, Erattayar, Kamakshy and Kanchiyar panchayaths. The major portion of these products is plying through Kattappana, Erattayar, Thankamany markets. Moreover, huge production of vegetables and other food crops like Tapioca, Banana, etc are the peculiarity of the area. Most of the products are transported to the various parts of Kerala. The standard of living of the people is depending upon the price of the products. Most of the cultivation is depending upon the Monsoon. The Law price and natural calamities like floods and drought etc badly affecting the farmers. Even though, the confidence and hard work of the people living in the area is very high.

Accident prone areas

In Idukki district, most of the roads are constructed in Hilly area, so drivers should take utmost vigil and care while driving in this area. ‘Police Valavu’ (hair pin bend) in between Kattappana and Puliyanmala (SH 33) and Vellilamkandam between Kattappana and Marykulam are the major accidental prone area in the limits.

Projects functioning in the police stations under the Kattappana circle

The following programmes are functioning in the station limit as part of Government Policy. A special team under one ASI is formed for the smooth functioning of the below mentioned programmes.

Janamaithri Suraksha project

With the help and participation of public Janamaithri project is being implementing successfully in Kattappana Police Station. Under the leadership of Community Relations Officer janmythri beats are functioning at Kattappana Police Station.

Women Help Desk

With the help of women help desk women who are came to Police Station are getting a huge relief and functioning in good manner.


An elder friendly Officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.


Students Police Cadet is successfully implemented in St: Jeromes HS, Vellayamkudy for the last the 4 years and newly implemented in MES HSS Vandanmedu in the year 2014.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

Clean Campus Safe Campus project introduced by Government of Kerala, is effectively implemented in all most all schools functioning under this circle limits in a good manner. The goal of ‘Clean Campus and Safe Campus’ is to prevent use of injurious/psychotropic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the programme could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Important establishments and institutions

  • Carmelia Heaven Resort, Vandanmedu.
  • Eleteria Resort, Amayar.
  • Spice Grove Hotel and Resort, Anakkara.
  • Sree Sankara Ayurvedic Center, Sulthankada.
  • Village Offices Located At Mobile Number
    Kattappana Kattappana town near Panchayathu mini Stadium. 04868 273300
    Kanchiyar Kanchiyar 04868 272211
    Erattayar Panchayathu Jn., Erattayar 04868 276005
    Thankamany Thankamany town near public Library Thankamany 04868 275293
    Anakkara Puttady 04868 288339
    Vandanmedu Near Police Station. 04868 288335
    Pampadumpara Mundiyeruma 04868 221937
    Chakkupallam Anakkara 04868 233011

    Other Government Offices

    • Sub Treasury Kattappana.
    • Village office Kattappana
    • Panchayathu office Kattappana
    • Fire and Rescue Service
    • AEO Kattappana.
    • District. PSC Office Kattappana.
    • BSNL Office Kattappana
    • KSEB, AE office Kattappana
    • KWA, Kattappana
    • Veterinary Hospital, Kattappana.
    • Veterinary Hospital, Thankamany.
    • Krishi Bhavan, Kattappana.
    • Krishi Bhavan, Erattayar.
    • Krishi Bhavan, Thankamany.
    • PHC Kamakshy.
    • PHC Puttady.
    • Gov. Ayurvedadic Dispensary, Kanchiyar
    • Panchaythu office Kanchiyar
    • Panchaythu office Erattayar
    • Office of the Survey Supdt. Kattappana
    • District Employment office Kattappana.
    • Soil Conservation office Thoppippla.
    • Milk Supply Chilling plant, Nirmala City.
    • AE PWD D&R, Kattappana.
    • Asst. Soil Conservation office, 20 Acre Kattappana
    • Agricultural Income Tax and Sale Tax office Kattappana
    • Dy. Commissioner AIT & ST office Kattappana
    • Warehouse office Kattappana.
    • Village Extension office Kattappana.
    • Forest Range office Ayyappan Covil, Kanchiyar.
    • Forest office Kattappana.
    • Dist. Office of the Soil conservation Kattappana.
    • Taluk Welfare Inspector office Kattappana.
    • Sale Tax Intelligence office Kattappana.
    • Panchayathu office Kamakshy, Thankamany.
    • Govt. Hospital Chempakappara.
    • Asst. Soil conservation office, Kozhimala.
    • Erattayar dam Sub Division office, Erattayar.
    • Agriculture Development office Ayyappan Covil.
    • Asst. Education office, Kattappana.
    • Block Development office, Kattappana, 20 Acre
    • AMV Inspector office Kattappana, Vellayamkudy.
    • Weight and Measures office, Vellayamkudy.
    • Veterinary office, Erattayar.
    • Excise Range office, Kattappana.
    • Special Forest Range office, Kattappana.
    • Diary Extension office, Vellayamkudy.
    • Mobile Veterinary office, Vellayamkudy.
    • PWD Rest House Kattappana.
    • SIDDU Office, Erattayar.
    • SIDDU Office, Labbakkada.
    • Sub Registrar office, Kattappana.
    • Harijan Welfare office, Kattappana.
    • Harijan Welfare Ladies Hostel, Kattappana.
    • Tribal Welfare Men’s Hostel, Kattappana, Nariyamapara
    • Agricultural office, Kattappana.
    • Agricultural office, Calvarymount.
    • Agricultural office, Vazhavara.
    • Sub Court Kattappana.
    • Asst. Secessions Court Kattappana.
    • JFMC I, Kattappana.
    • JFMC II, Kattappana.
    • Family Court, Kattappana.
    • Housing Board development office, Kattappana.
    • Coffee Board Junior filed office, Kattappana.
    • Coffee Board Junior Pool Depot, Kattappana.
    • Telephones SDO Kattappana.
    • Indo-Swiss office, Kattappana.
    • Telephone Exchange.
    • Village office, Vandanmedu,
    • Forest office, Vandanmedu.
    • Cardamom Board office (Spices Board) Vandanmedu
    • Govt. Dispensary, Vandanmedu.
    • Sale Tax office, Kattappana.
    • Asst. Engineer, PWD (B&R) Vandanmedu.
    • Panchaythu office, Vandanmedu.
    • Telephone Exchange, Vandanmedu.
    • PHC Kamakshy
    • Christy Hospital, Kattappana.
    • Bala Hospital, Kattappana.
    • Palamattom Hospital, Kattappana.
    • Co-operative Hospital, Thankamany.
    • Unicare Hospital, Kattappana
    • Saro Hospital, Kattappana.
    • Ashramam Ayurvedic Centre, Vazhavara
    • PHC Labbakkada
    • Govt. College, Kattappana.
    • St: Sebastian’s College, Kattappana.
    • Deepthi College, Kattappana
    • Tribal HSS, Kattappana.
    • ITI Kattappana.
    • Tribal HSS, Murickattukudy.
    • Govt. HS Erattayar, Nalumukku.
    • Govt. HS Chempakappara.
    • Govt. HS Thankamany, Kamakshy.
    • Govt. UPS, Thankamany, Kamakshy.
    • Govt. UPS Erattayar, Nalumukku.
    • St: Thomas VHSS, Thankaman y.
    • St: George HS, Calvary Mount.
    • Mount Fort E.M. HS Anakkara.
    • MES VHSS, Amayar.
    • State Bank of India, Opp. Police Station, Kattappana
    • SBT, Kattappana.
    • Federal Bank, Kattappana
    • South Indian Bank, Kattappana.
    • Union Bank, Kattappana.
    • Union Bank, Erattayar.
    • Union Bank, Thankamany.
    • Federal Bank, Erattayar
    • Federal Bank, Thaoppippala
    • Union Bank, Eattithope, Erattayar.
    • ICICI Bank, Kattappana
    • Service Co-operative Bank, Kattappana.
    • Service Co-operative Bank, Thanakamany.
    • Service Co-operative Bank, Santhigram.
    • District Co-operative Bank, Kattappana.
    • District Co-operative Bank, Erattayar.
    • Urban Co-operative Bank, Kattappana.
    • St: George Church, Kattappana
    • St: George Church, Vellayamkudy
    • St: Antony’s Church, Puliyanmala.
    • St: Antony’s Church, Kamakshy.
    • St: George Church, Calvary mount.
    • St: Thomas Church, Erattayar.
    • St: Thomas Church, Anakkara.
    • St: Antony’s Church, Puliyanmala.
    • St: Antony’s Church, Vandanmedu.
    • St: Orthodox Church, Puttady.
    • St: Peter’s Church, Pallikkanam.
    • St: Sebastian’s Church, Kochukamakshi.
    • St: Mary’s Church, Udayagiri.
    • St: Joseph’s Church, Idinjamala.
    • St: Joseph’s Church, Neelivayal.
    • St: Antony’s Church, Vallakkadave.
    • St: Mary’s Church, Kochuthovala.
    • Lord Matha Church, Labbakkada.
    • Vijayamatha Church, Ittithoppu.
    • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, Ayyappancovil (New)
    • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, Ayyappancovil (Old)
    • Sree Subaramanya Sawamy Temple, Palakkada
    • Puthiyakavu Temple, Nariyampara.
    • Sree Dharam Sastah Temple, Ambalakavala, Kattappana.
    • SNDP Temple, SN Jn. Kattappana.
    • Kandamkara Devi, Temple, Vellayamkudy
    • Sree Ayyappa Temple, Kallyanathandu.
    • Sree Krishna Swamy Temple, Idukki Kavala, Kattappana
    • Kamakshy Temple, Kamakshy.
    • Sree Maha Ganapathi Temple, Adayalakkallu, Erattayar North.
    • Juma Masjid, Pezhumkandam.
    • Juma Masjid, Vellayamkudy.
    • Hidayathul Islam Juma Masjid, Kattappana.
    • Juma Masjid, Kadassikkadavu
    • Sharaful Islam Juma Masjid, Puliyanmala
    • Public Library, Kattappana
    • Public Library Thankamany,
    • Sahridaya public library Kamakshy.
    • Alphonsa Patrol Pump, Idukki Kavala, Kattappana
    • Kattappana auto Fuels- Idukki Kavala
    • Chundamannil Fuels Erattayar
    • Southern Fuels, Parakkadavu, Kattappana.
    • Padikara Fuels Parakkadavu, Kattappana
    • Bright Fuels, Puliyanmala
    • Shanmugham Winners Petroleum, Anakkara
    • Santhosh theatre, kattappana
    • Aiswarya theatre, kattappana
    • Sagara theatre, kattappana
    • ST: John of God, Pratheeksha Bhavan for men, Kattappana South.
    • ST: John of God, Pratheeksha Bhavan for women, Kattappana South.
    • ST: John of God, Pratheeksha Bhavan for boys, Kattappana South.
    • Assisi Snehasrhamam for men (‘Aakasaparavakal’), Erupathekker.
    • Assisi Snehasrhamam for women (‘Aakasaparavakal’), Nariyamapa.
    • ‘Daivadan, Thankamany
    • Deepthi Balika Bhavan, Kattappana.
    • Vimala Balika Bhavan, Uppukandam.
    • Jeevan Jyothi children’s home for girls, Erattayar.
    • Alphonsa Balika Bhavan, Vazhavara
    • Dersana Bhavan, Calvary mount.
    • Grace Rehabilitation centre, Chettukuzhy.
    • Santhi Asrhamam, Kochuthovala.