Nedumkandam Circle

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Came into existence

Nedumkandam Circle was opened on 11.08.1978 vide GO(Rt) 1383/78/Home dated 07.07.1978 with Nedumkandam, Kattappana and Vandanmedu Police Stations under its jurisdiction. The Circle was scrapped on 10.06.1994 vide GO (MS) 27/94/Home dated 22.04.1994 and the CI was made SHO of Nedumkandam PS . Later the Circle was re-introduced on 28.02.1995 vide GO (Rt) No. 15/95-Home dated 27.01.1995 with Nedumkandam and Cumbummettu Police Stations under its jurisdiction.

At first Circle office was functioning in a room of Nedumkandam Police Station. The new building was constructed and the Circle office has started functioning in the new building on 21.08.2006.


Nedumkandam police circle have jurisdiction of the following Villages and Karas in Udumbanchola Taluk


Kara (Desam)

  • Nedumkandam (Part)
  • Pachady
  • Manjapara
  • Chinnar
  • Mavady
  • Ponnamala
  • Kalkoonthal
  • Kailasapara
  • Chembalam (Part)
  • Kaunthi
  • Ezhukumvayal
  • Koobanmala
  • Thooval (Part)

Neighbouring stations

Courts having Jurisdiction

  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Nedumkandam
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate Court Devikulam
  • Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Thodupuzha
  • Munsiff Court Kattappana
  • District sessions Court Thodupuzha

Loksabha and Legislative constituency

  • Loka Sabha Constituency: Idukki
  • Legislative Costituency : Udumbanchola

Panchayaths comes under the Jurisdiction

  • Nedumkandam Grama panchayathu
  • Karunapuram Grama panchayathu
  • Pampadumpara Grama Panchayathu( Part)

Taluk/Village Offices come under the Jurisdiction

Name Of Office Location Contact
Taluk Office Udumbanchola Nedumkandam 04868 232050
Parathodu Village Office Nedumkandam 04868 232025
Kalkoonthal Village Office Nedumkandam 04868 232082
Pampadumpara Village Office Mundiyeruma 04868 221937
Karunapuam Village Office Third Camp 04868 221944

Major Tourist Spot


  View From Ramakkalmedu
View From Ramakkalmedu

Ramakalmedu Situates in Nedumkandam Police Station limits. Fantastic view of Tamil Nadu can be seen there. Statue of Kuravan and Kurathy is erected there.

The place gets its name from the impressions of the feet found on the rock surface here, which is believed to be of Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as told in the Indian epic Ramayana.

Ramakalmedu is noted for its verdant, cool hills and also for the panoramic and picturesque views of villages in the neighboring state of Tamilnadu, which is towards the eastern side of the Western Ghats. A noticeably tall, pillar-like rocky structure, about 300 m high and facing east is another attraction here.

Kuravan and Kurathy Statue

  Kuravan Kurathy Statue
Kuravan Kurathy Statue

Other attractions in-and-around Ramakalmedu include places like frog rock, turtle rock and the highest twin-statue in Kerala; called kuravan and kurathi.

There is an interesting story behind this statue of Kuravan and Kurathi. It is said that Kuravan and Kurathi are two historical characters behind the construction of the Idukki dam. The rocks between the Idukki dam are named after them. According to the sources, Kuravan and Kurathi helped the authorities to find the right place for constructing the dam. You can see the statue of Kuravan with his family along with a cook upon the hills. But tourists are not allowed to climb upon the statue. You can also sight a mandapam behind the statue, which has been built for tourists to take rest.


 Ramakkalmedu Wind Farm
Ramakkalmedu Wind Farm

It is one of the windiest places in Asia and being so, one can also find here a wind farm generating electricity, which is an undertaking of the Government of Kerala.


Ezhukumvayal pilgrim spot
Ezhukumvayal pilgrim spot

Ezhukumvayal Kurisumala is situated in Nedumkandam Police Station limit. Lot of people come to pray during Easter Season.

Various Projects functioning in Nedumkandam Circle

Janamaithri Suraksha project

Janamaithri Surksha Project is functioning well in Nedumkandam Police Station limit with 7 Janamaithri Beats

Beats are functioning Women Help Desk

Women help Desk are fiunctioning in Nedumkandam and Cumbummettu Police Stations.


An elder friendly Officer is giving relief to senior citizens who come to the Stations.

Clean campus and Safe Campus

Clean campus and Safe Campus programme is functioning well in Nedumkandam Circle with an aim to eradicate the use of Drugs and alcohol among students.

Important establishments and institutions

  • Taluk Office Udumbanchola
  • LA Office Nedumkandam
  • Re Survey office Nedumkandam
  • Taluk Supply office Udumbanchola
  • Village office Parathoe
  • Village office Kalkoonthal
  • Village Pampadupara
  • Village Office Karunapuram
  • Block Panchayathu Office Nedumkandam
  • Panchayathu office Nedumkandam
  • Panchayathu office Pampadumpara
  • Panachayathu office Karunapuram
  • PWD Office Roads Nedumkandam
  • PWD Office Building Nedumkandam
  • Social Welfare Office Nedumkandam
  • Animal Husbandary Office Nedumkandam
  • Sales Tax Office Nedumkandam
  • AE office Nedumkandam
  • Labour Office Nedumkandam
  • Sub treasury Nedumkandam
  • JFM Court Nedumkandam
  • Agriculture Office Nedumkandam
  • Agriculture Office Pampadumpara
  • District Stamp Depo Nedumkandam
  • Water Authority Nedumkandam
  • KSEB Kallar
  • KSEB Thookkupalam
  • Sub Registrar office Mundiyeruma
  • Scheduld Caste office Nedumkandam
  • Industrial office Nedumkandam
  • Cardomom Research centre Pampadupara
  • Tele Phone Exchange Nedumkandam
  • Sub Divisional office telecom Nedumkandam
  • Post Office Nedumkandam
  • Spices Board Nedumkandam
  • Excise Office Nedumkandam
  • Taluk Head Quarter Hospital Nedumkandam
  • Karuna Hospital Nedumkandam
  • Medical Trust Hospital Nedumkandam
  • Arpana Hospital Thookkupalam
  • Vijayamatha Hospital Nedumkandam
  • Mar Kavukattu Hospital Cumbummettu
  • MES College Nedumkandam
  • MG University Centre for Teacher Education
  • MG University School of Nursing Nedumkandam
  • Govt Poly technic Nedumkandam
  • IHRD College of Applied Sciences Nedumkandam
  • SH HS Ramakalmedu
  • Vijaya Matha HSS Thokkupalam
  • Govt. HSS Kallar, Mundiyeruma
  • SDA HS Nedumkandam
  • VHSC Nedumkandam
  • St. Sebstian’s HSS Nedumkandam
  • Holy Cross HSS Nedumkandam
  • Govt. HS Ezhukumvayal
  • Govt. HS Parathode
  • Deepa HS Kuzhitholu
  • NSS HSS Karunapuam
  • SBT Nedumkandam
  • Federal Bank Nedumkandam
  • Union Bank Nedumkandam
  • South Indian Bank Nedumkandam
  • SBT Thookkupalam
  • SBI Koottar
  • District Co- OP Bank Branch Nedumkandam
  • Nedumkandam Service CO-OP -Bank Nedumkandam
  • Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Nedumkandam
  • Parayil Sree Bhadra Kali Temple Nedumkandam
  • Uma Maheswara Temple Nedumkandam
  • Sree Chottanikara Bhagavathy temple Nedumkandam
  • Sree Subramaniya Swamy Temple Kallar
  • Sree mahadeva Temple Kaunthy
  • Sree Durga Devi Temple kombayar
  • Sree Vigneswara Temple Pushpakandam
  • Sree Anna poorneswari Temple balan Pilla City
  • SNDP Temple Balagram
  • Sree Mahadeva Temple Third Camp
  • SNDPBhajana mandiram parapanangadi
  • Sree Durga Devi temple Kuzhitholu
  • Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Anyartholu
  • SNDP Guru Deva temple Pothinkandam,
  • Maha Vishnu Temple Chennekulam
  • Karuppa Swami temple Cumbummettu
  • Noor Muhamdiya Juma Masjid Nedumkandam
  • Thabileegul Islam Juma masjid Mundiyeruma
  • Islam juma Masjid Third Camp
  • Salafi Juma masjid Thokkupalam
  • Muhayidheen Juma Masjid anyartholu
  • Hidayathul Islam Juma masjid koottar
  • Juma Masjid Sanyasiyoda
  • St. Sebastian’s Church Nedumkandam,
  • Marigiri Church kallar
  • St. mary’s RC Church Chembalam
  • St. Joseph RC Church Chembalam
  • St. George and St. Divanious orthodox Church Pampadumpara
  • St. George RC Church Pampadumpara
  • St. George malanka Catholic Church Kaunthy
  • Nithya Sahaya matha Church Ezhukumvayal
  • Kristhu Raja Church Valiya Thovala
  • Infant Jesus Church Kombayar
  • St. mary’s Malankara Catholic Church Kombayar
  • St. George Church Palar
  • St. Jospeh’s Church Pachady
  • Christhu Raja Church Manjapara
  • Brotheren Church Thookkupalam
  • Sacred heart Church Ramakalmedu
  • St. Thomas Malankara Church Kallar
  • Brotheren Church Balagram
  • St. Sebastian’s Church Kuzhitholu
  • St. Mary’s Church Anyartholu
  • Holy Family Church Anyarhtolu
  • ST. Thomas Church Anyarhtolu
  • St. mary’s Church Karunapuram
  • St. Thomas Church Karunapuram
  • Unni Mishaya Churh Sanyasiyoda
  • St. Joseph Church Cumbummettu