Adimaly Police Station

. Map 04864 222145

Adiamly town is known as the entrance of High Range which is surrounded by several hills. Adimaly town shares the border with Ernakulam district in West, Kurathikudy in North, Panamkutty in South.It includes complete area of Mannamkandam Village and some part of villages namely Anaviratty, Pallivasal and Vellathooval. There is 27 Tribal Settlement . In Adimaly town police station has started on 1st October 1975 according to GO (Rt) 1779/75 home dated 03.09.1975. In 1984, Adimaly Circle office and Adimaly Police station ware shifted to a new building near Poonjarkandam which is 500 mtrs south east from Adimaly Town in Adimaly- Kallarkutty road. (click here to view map)

Adimaly circle is under the jurisdiction of Munnar Subdivision and there are three Police station under Adimaly Circle. Adimaly Police Station is among one of them .

Apart from Adimaly Police Station Adimaly Traffic unit and Highway patrolling unit are also working in Adimaly town.

Sanctioned 3 4 7 29 0 7 50
Existing 4 1 6 26 0 8 45

Major Festivals and Celebrations

Sivarathry Maholsavam in Santhagri Mahaeswara temple, festival in St. Jude Church, Adimaly Fest which conducted by Adimaly Grama Panchayath and Merchant association and Independence rally are main festivals and celebration under Adimaly Police Station limit.

Janamaithri Suraksha Project

 Janamaithri  Suraksha
 Janamaithri  Suraksha

Adimaly Police Station is a Janamaithri Police Station. Area under Police Station limit are divided into seven beat. The team which includes a beat Officer and Asst. beat officer visit house and enquires and understand problems of them and assist them to solving it properly. Janamaithri police enforce the people who lives in backward communities for entering the mainstream of society by making various schemes. They also help the poor people who are in misery.

Student Police Cadet Project

Student police Cadets of Tenth Mile School
Student police SNDP School

Student Police Cadet Project functioning in two schools under Adimaly Police Station limit ,they are SNDP High School, Adimaly and Government High School, 10th Mile . Student Police Cadet Project has started in SNDP High School, Adimaly in the year 2010 and in Government High School, 10th Mile in the year 2013. Student Police Cadet Project tries to mould a new generation which obeys law and order willingly. This useful project is functioning properly by the leadership of Adimaly Police station.

Janamaithri Police Canteen

 janamaithry police canteen adimaly
Janamaithri Police Canteen

In 2014, with the co-operation of Police officers, Adimaly Janamaithri Police Canteen is started under Adimaly Police Station. Canteen issues quality foods for public and police officers with low rates than other hotels. Adimaly Janamaithri Police canteen is functioning very well and it is popular among public.


  • Mannamkandam
  • Anaviratty
  • Pallivasal
  • Vellathooval

Important Tourist Places

  • Vallara Water falls
  • Cheeyappara Water falls

Accident Prone Areas

  • Chackochi Valavu, 3rd Mile
  • 5th Mile Valavu
  • Cheeyappara Valavu
  • Moonnu Kalungu, 3rd Mile
  • Pottaspady Valavu, Chattupara.

Important establishments and institutions

Name Of Office Contact Number
Panchayath Office, Adimaly 04864 222160
Block Panchayath Office, Adimaly 04864 222671
Judicial First Class Magistrate Court 04864 223136
AEO Office, Adimaly 04864 222953
Village Office, Adimaly 04864 222022
Excise Office, Adimaly 04864 225118
Forest Range Office, Koompanpara 04864 223642
Agriculture Office, Adimaly
Joint RT Office, Adimaly
Income Tax Office, Adimaly
Sub Treasury Adimaly 04864 223008
SC/ST Development Office
Forest Office, Machipavu
KSEB Office 048464 222184
Name Of Office Contact Number
Taluk Hospital Adimaly 04864 222670
Morning Star Hospital Adimaly 04864 222240, 222114
Vijayaraja Hospital, Adimaly 04864 222207
Kurians Hospital, Adimaly 04864 222190
Lakshmi Hospital, Adimaly 04864 222221
Kranthy Hospital, Adimaly 04864 225091
Mappanikkattu Eye Hospital 04864 222214
Specialty Homeo Hospital 04864 224682
S.N. Homeo Hospital 04864 222123
  • Govt. High School Adimaly
  • SNDP VHSS, Adimaly
  • Technical High school, Adimaly
  • Fathima Matha Girls High School, Koompanpara
  • Govt. VHSS, 10th Mile
  • Eastern Public School, Adimaly
  • Viswa Deepthy Public School Adimaly
  • Vivekanantha English Medium School
  • SNDP B.ed Collage, Adimaly
  • Stella Mary’s Collage, Adimaly
  • M.B.M.M. Collage, Adimaly
  • Logos Accadamy, Adimaly
  • SBT Adimaly
  • SBI Adimaly
  • South Indian Bank
  • Federal Bank Adimaly
  • Union Bank, Adimaly
  • ICICI Bank, Adimaly
  • Canara Bank, Adimaly
  • IDBI Bank, Adimaly
  • Idukki District Co-Operative Bank, Adimaly
  • Co-Operative Bank, Adimaly
  • Agricultural Development Bank, Adimaly
  • Santhagri Sree Maheswara Temple, Adimaly
  • Mankadavu Devi Temple
  • Dharmasastha Temple, Kallar.
  • Town Juma Masgid, Adimaly
  • St. Jude Church, Adimaly
  • St. George Jacobite Church, Adimaly
  • Assisi Church Machiplavu
  • Mar Ignathiyos Jacobite Church, 14th Mile
  • St. Martin Church, Adimaly
Name Of Office Contact Number
Taluk Hospital 04864 222670
St. Mary’s 9744742749
Unity Services 9444033311
Vayuveg 9446746796
Seva Bharathy 9961200577
Cherupushpam 9947791273
  • Neriyamangalam Power house, Panamkutty
  • Viyyat Power house, Iruttukanam.
  • Thottiyar Hydro Electric Project (Under construction)