Kaliyar Police Station

. Map 04862 245334 shoklridk.pol@kerala.gov.in

Came into existence

The Kaliyar Police Station started its functioning in a building owned by Harrison Malayalam Plantation Limited Company nearby Kaliyar Town in Kodikulam village at Idukki district, Vide. GO (RT) No.711/1973/Home Dtd.16.05.1973. The old Police Station building number was 13 in survey No. 1459/1 in Kodikulam village, Thodupuzha Taluk.

Later the Police Station shifted to a new building near Kaliyar town on.21.02.1986. The new Police Station situated in a plot of 2.5 acre revenue land in survey No.1459/1 of Vannappuram village, No. 297/VII of Vannappuram Gramma Panchayath.

The Police Station building is situated at the eastern side of the Thodupuzha – Vannappuram public road. 1 Inspector Office, 3 family quarters for SI and ASI’s, 8 family quarters for police personnel and a dormitory having 10 rooms are constructed here (click here to view map)

sanctioned 2 2 7 24 0 6 41
Existing 1 5 11 22 0 5 44


The Kaliyar Police Station limits consisting total of 8175 acres of land which were spread out Vannappuram, Kodikulam some part of Karimannoor Panchayath and Kodikulam, Vannappuram and some part of Neyyasseri villages.

Kodikulam village have 8 Karas namely, Kaliyar Estate, Koduveli, Thennathoor, Parappuzha, Kodikulam West, Nedumattam, Kodikulam East, Vandamattam.

Vannappuram village have 8 Karas namely Venmattam, Mullaringad, Vannappuram, Kaliyar,Mundanmudy, Kallippara, Pulickathotty and Pattayakudi.

A part of Kurumbalamattam Kara in Neyyassery village is also included in Kaliyar Police Station limits.

Kaliyar Police Station Jurisdiction border covers Eastern side of Kanjikuzhy, Karimannoor Police Station, Northern side of Oonnukal Police Station, Karimanal Police Station, Western side of Pothanikkad, Thodupuzha Police Station and Southern side Thodupuzha Police Station.

Loksabha and Legislative Constituencies

  • Idukki Loksabha Constituency
  • Thodupuzha Legislative Constituency


  • Vannapuram Panchayath
  • Kodikulam Panchayath

Village Offices

  • Vannapuram Village office located at Vannapuram town 04862 246500
  • Kodikulam Village office located at Chalackamukku 04682 264952

Projects through this police station

Janamythri Suraksha project

As per the GO(Rt)No.3424/2012/Home. Dated 20.11.2012. Kaliyar Police Station has been declared as a Janamythri Police Station on. 20.11.2012. Since the shortage of police personnel, only the Vannappuram Gramma Panchayath area was brought in to the Janamythri project. All the 17’ th wards of Vannappuram Gramma Panchayath are divided into 8 beats and entrusted each beat with a senior civil police officer and Asst. beat officers. Earlier this police station had been functioning as a Tribal Janamythri Police station having 4 beats.

All the Janamythri suraksha project activities are controlled by Janamythri Samithy having prominent personalities of this locality as its members who were selected by Inspector of Police and approved by District Police Chief. A total of 8963 houses comes under Janamythri beat.

Women Help Desk

Women help desk is constituted with the aim of giving assistance in a friendly manner to the women who seek police services. Women help desk provides a huge relief to women who approach the police station for help.

Senior Citizen Help Desk

An elder friendly officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

The Clean Campus Safe Campus program by government of Kerala is effectively implementing in all most all schools functioning under Kaliyar PS limits. The goal of ‘Clean Campus Safe Campus’ is to prevent consuming of injurious/psychotropic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the program could achieve the goal to a great extent.


The main roads are Thodupuzha – Vannappuram – Muvattupuzha and Vannappuram – Kanjikuzhy – Alappuzha- Madurai state highway. None of these roads will be affected by flood as these roads run through hilly places, however there are chains of obstruction of traffic in case any landslide occur and uproot of trees. The nearest railway station to Kaliyar Police Station is Piravom which is 36 Km North-West.


River Kaliyar is passing through the limit. Kaliyar puzha is the main source of water to the residents of Vannappuram and Kodikulam Villages.

SC/ ST Colonies

1 Scheduled Tribe colony( Mullaringad Tribal Colony) is located in Kaliyar Police Station limit. Important Scheduled caste colonies are Ezhalloor, Orakanni, Oottukanni, Thennathoor and Koduvely .


3 libraries are functioning at Kaliyar Police Station limits. Kaliyar Public Library and National Public Library are functioning at Kaliyar. And Little Flower Public Library is at Kodikulam East.

Important Establishments And Institutions in Kaliyar Police Station Limit

Government Offices
  • Krishi Bhavan, Vannappuram
  • Krishi Bhavan, Kodikulam
  • Forest Range Office, Kaliyar
  • KSEB, Vannappuram
  • PHC, Vannappuram
  • PHC, Kodikulam
  • Govt. Homio Dispensary, Vannappuram
  • Govt. Homio Dispensary, Parappuzha
  • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Mullaringad
  • Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Kodikulam
  • Archana Hospital, Vannappuram
  • M G M, Hospital, Vannappuram
  • Sunil Hospital, Vannappuram
ATM Counters
  • State Bank Of Travancore , Vannapuram
  • Federal Bank , Vannapuram
  • South Indian Bank , Vannapuram
  • Union Bank Kodikualm
  • South Indian Bank West Kodikulam
Petrol Pumb
  • Sarathy Auto fuels (BPC) Muvattupuzha road, Vannappuram
  • Thoppil Auto Fuels (IOC)Kanjikuzhy road, Vannappuram.
Social Shelters And Home Stay
  • St. Marys Old Age Home for Men and Woman, Kodikulam west.
  • Krista Home for Girls, Kodikulam west
Financial Institutions
Name Of Bank Place Phone Number
State Bank Of Travancore Vannapuram 04862-247247
Federal Bank Vannapuram 04862-245959
South Indian Bank Vannapuram 04862-245342
Catholic Syrian Bank Vannapuram 04862-245336
South Malabar Grameen Bank Vannapuram 04862-245656
Union Bank Kodikulam
Idukki Dist. Co operative Bank Vannapuram 04862-245333
Service Co operative Bank Vannapuram 04862-245354
Thodupuzha Urban Co Operative Bank Vannapuram 04862-246065
Service Co Operative Bank Kodikulam
Service Co Operative Bank Kodikulam 04862-279604
Service Co Operative Bank WEST. Kodikulam 04862-279241
Idukki District Co Operative Bank WEST. Kodikulam
Kaliyar Farmers Co Operative Bank Vannapuram
Muthoot Fincorp Vannapuram
Chemmanoor Credit And Investments LTD Vannapuram 04862-245020
Mutjhoot Finance LTD Vannapuram 04862-245696
Kosamattam Finance Vannapuram 04862-246403
KMG Finance And Investments Vannapuram 04862-245378
Athirampuzha Finance Vannapuram 04862-246067
Educational Institutions
Name Phone Mobile E-mail
Govt. High School Mullaringad 04862 240010 9495015946 29022ghss@gmail.com
Govt. Higher Secondary School Mullaringad 04862 240010 9961972657 ghssmullaringadu@gmail.com
National L P S Mullaringad 9961708882 nationallpsmullaringad@gmail.com
Govt.LP School Pattayakudy 9744392725 glpspattayakudy@gmail.com
Govt. U P school Nedumattam 04862 265331 9446137248 gupsnedumattom1912@gmail.com
Govt. High School Kodikulam 04862 279418 9846984377 29009ghs@gmail.com
Govt. T H S Kaliyar 04862 245421 9496826879 thsvannappuram@gmail.com
Aided Schools
SNM HS Vannappuram 04862 246098 9447168653 29021snmhs@gmail.com
SNM VHSS Vannappuram 04862 246434 9447606436 snmvhssvannappuram@vhscthrissur.org
St. Mary's LPS Kaliyar 04862 245258 9497283396 kaliyarsmlps@gmail.com
St. Mary's HS Kaliyar 04862 245168 9495160686 29020smhss@gmail.com
St.Mary's HSS Kaliyar 04862 247812 9495675110 stmaryskaliyar@gmail.com
Little Flower UPS Koduvely 04862 265122 9946521127 lfupskoduvely@gmail.com
St.Mary's LPS Kodikulam 9495526038 stmaryslpskodikulam@gmail.com
St.Mary's HS Kodikulam 04862 264722 9497688274 29008smhs@gmail.com
St. Joseph's LPS Parappuzha 04862 280118 9495033039 sjlpsparapuzha@gmail.com
St. Mary's LPS Thennathoor 04862 264158 9747655107 smlpsthennathoor@gmail.com
Little Flower UPS Vazhakkala 04862 279443 9605618080 lfupsvazhakala@gmail.com
Private Sector Schools
Hira Public School Vannappuram 04862 246789 9048168591 hiravpm@gmail.com
Jai Rani Public School Kaliyar 04862 248888 9388143514 jairanipublicschoolkaliyar@yahoo.com
Gulf Ideal International School Kaliyar 04862 264469 9447235234 gulfideal@gmail.com
Sanjo C M I Public School Koduvely 04862 264335 9447823297 mail@sanjocmischool.net
Global Indian Public School Kodikulam 04862 264200 9495111121 info@gipublicschool.com
Saraswathi Vidhya Mandir West. Kodikulam 04862 279915 9496460353 svmwkodikulam@gmail.com
Mary Matha Public School Mullaringad 04862 241020 9562829771
Religious Institutions
  • Mukkil Bhagavathy Temple, Odiyapara
  • Thekkechira Maha Vishnu Temple, Vannappuram
  • Sree Ayyappa Temple, Koovappuram
  • Kanjirakkattu Sree Mahadeva Temple, Vannappuram.
  • Arimannoor Sree Devi Dharma Sastha Temple, Kaliyar
  • Chandrappillykavu Devi Temple, Kodikulam West.
  • Thrikkovil Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Kodikulam West.
  • Maha Devi Temple, Anchakulam, Kodikulam East
  • Sree Durgadevi Temple, Mullaringad
  • Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Vellakayam.
  • Sree Dharma sastha Temple, Koovappuram
  • Sree Bhadrakali Temple, Mullaringad
  • Mar Sleeva Church, Vannappuram
  • St. Ritas Church, Kaliyar
  • St. Marthyas CSI Church, Mullankuthy
  • St. Marys Church, Mundanmudy
  • Lourd MathaChurch, Mullaringad
  • Mar Grigorious Church, Vannappuram
  • St. Marys Jacobite Church, Mullaringad
  • St. Anns Church, Kodikulam East
  • Little Flower Church, Koduveli
  • St. Marys Church, Vazhakkala
  • St. Josephs Church, Parappuzha
  • Fathima Church, Thennathoor
  • St. Georges Church, Vandamattam
  • Christhuraja Church, Vellallu
  • St. Thomas CSI Church, Mullaringad
  • St. Stephans CSI Church, Mullaringad
  • Epiphani CSI Church, Kaliyar
  • Triniti CSI Church, Kaliyar
  • IPC Church, Kaliyar
  • I P C Church, Pattayakudy
  • I P C Church, Pulickathotty
  • Church of God, Vannappuram
  • Town Juma Masjid, Vannappuram
  • Taqwa Masjid, Vannappuram
  • Al- Hidaya Juma Masjid, Kalayanthani
  • Mahallu Muslim Juma Masjid, Kaliyar
  • Muhiyudheen Juma Masjid, Vellamchira
  • Ansar Masjid, Vellamchira
  • Masjidul Bhadariya, Mullaringad
  • Masjidul Salam, Mullaringad
  • Muslim Juma Masjid, Kodikulam west