Peerumedu Police Station

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Tea Estates

Peermade is a hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala State, India. Peermade, a part of the Western Ghats or Sahyadris and is situated at an altitude of about 914 meters above mean sea level. The location of Peermade is 85 km east of Kottayam, (Nearest Railway Station) on the way to Kumily and Thekkady. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady, one of the largest wildlife reserves in India, is just 43 km from Peermade.

The landscape of Peermade is hilly with spectacular waterfalls, open grass lands and forests. Peermade was once the summer retreat of the Maharajas of Travancore. Peermade receives a lot of rain during the monsoons as it is situated on the western windward side of the Western Ghats, facing Arabian sea. (click here to view map)

The meaning of Peermade is hill of the Peer, is also written as Perumade and Pearmadu, though the accepted spelling is Peermade. The name Peermade is sometimes related to the Sufi saint, Peer Mohammed who is said to have visited Peermade. Other stories say that, the name must have originated due to the abundance of bonsai guava trees near Peermade: or Pera Medu which means hill of guava plants in malayalam.

Like other parts of Western Ghats, the soil at Peermade is not very deep on the hills and is not suitable to the growth of huge trees. However the valleys and plateaus have good deep soil, due to weathering. Before human settlements, this part of western ghats was just a fifty kilometre wide shola forest running entirely across the width of Western Ghats. The forests at the fringes were cut down and the natural sholas were replaced with cash crops during the past century. The plantations were mostly exotic like Tea, Coffee and Pine: which remain to be the most abundant plantation around Peermade still. Many planters at Peermade are now working on the production of organic black pepper, white pepper, ginger and turmeric. The early people of Peermade were tribes who lived along the fringes and slopes of the hills. The clearing work of the forests was administered by the Europeans. Labourers were brought/bought from the then adjacent kingdoms of Madurai (Tamil Nadu) and Travancore (Kerala). Today Peermade is a popular tourist destination, receiving thousands of visitors every day. Only a handful of aboriginals are left and the place is known for educational institutions and meditation centres.

The Peermade Police Station was started service in a new building on 08-04-2008. Since then it has been functioning in the building situated in Peermade village. Peermade Police Station is working under jurisdiction of Hon’ble Judicial First Class Magistrate Court-I Peermade. This PS limit include two villages that is Elappara and Peermade and two Grama Panchayath’s that is Peermade and Elappara.

Sanctioned 4 3 7 29 0 7 50
Existing 1 2 7 29 0 3 42

Boarders of Police Station

Peerumedu Police Station Jurisdiction border comes eastern side Vandiperiyar PS Northern side Upputhara and Vagamon Western side Mundakayam and Peruvanthanam PS and Sothern side Vandiperiyar PS

Loksabha and Legislative Constituencies

  • Idukki Loksabha Constituency
  • peerumedu and Idukki Legislative Constituency


Only road transport facility available. NH 183 road passing through Peermade PS Limit.


Periyar and Azhutha rivers are passing through the PS limit.

Various projects functioning at Town North Police Station

The following programmes are functioning in the station limit as part of Government Policy. A special team under one ASI is formed for the smooth functioning of the below mentioned programmes.

Janamaithri Suraksha project

With the help and participation of public Janamaithri Suraksha project is being implementing successfully in Peermade Police Station. Under the leadership of Community Relations Officer 7 Janamaithri beats are functioning at Peermade Police Station.

Women Help Desk

With the help of women help desk women who are came to Police Station are getting a huge relief and functioning in good manner.


An elder friendly Officer is giving aid to senior citizens in the station limit.

Clean Campus Safe Campus

As part of Clean campus safe campus High schools introduced by Government of Kerala, the programme is effectively implementing in all most Schools functioning under Peermade PS limits in a good manner. The goal of ‘Clean Campus and Safe Campus’ is to prevent using injurious/psychotropic drug substances by students and the effective implementation of the programme could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Student Police Cadet Scheme

Student Police Cadet Scheme is effectively run in Model Residence School at Kuttikkanam.

Important establishments and institutions

  • Panchayath Office Peermedu
  • Panchayath Office Elappara
  • Block Panchayath Peermedu
  • Taluk Office Peermedu
  • Village Office Peermedu
  • Village Office Elappara
  • JFMC I Peermedu
  • JFMC II Peermedu
  • Subjail Peermedu
  • RT Office Peermedu
  • KSEB Pothupara
  • KSEB Sub Station peermedu
  • Gust House,Peermedu
  • Yathri Nivas peermedu
  • Water Authority Peermedu
  • Fire Force, Peermade
  • Sub Treasury Peermedu
  • PWD Peermedu
  • Labour Office Peermedu
  • AEO Office Peermedu
  • DFO Peermedu
  • Exice Range Office,Peermedu
  • Exice Circle Office,Peermedu
  • THQ Hospital Peermedu
  • Athurasramam Peermedu
  • Petrol Pump Kuttikanam
  • Petrol Pump Elappara
  • Govt. Taluk Head Quarters Hospital Peermade
  • Sevanalayam Hospital Pambanar
  • Govt Ayurveda Hospital 55th Mile
  • Anbu Hospital Elappara
  • Govt Ayurveda Hospital Elappara
  • GOVT. IHRD College Kuttikkanam
  • Govt. IHRD School Peermade
  • CPM Higher Secondry School Peermade
  • Govt. HS Pambanar
  • Govt. LP School 55th Mile
  • Govt. LP School Pallikkunnu
  • Govt. LP School Azhutha Peermade
  • Govt. LP School Landrom
  • Govt. LP School Fairfield
  • Govt. LP School Murinjapuzha
  • Mariyagiri Higher Secondry School Peermade
  • Pius X HS Kuttikkanam
  • MRS Kuttikkanam
  • Govt Higher Secondry School Elappara
  • Panchayath LPS Chemmannu
  • Govt. LPS Glenmerry
  • Panchayath LPS Karadikuzhi
  • Panchayath LPS Heliburia
  • Mariyan College Kuttikkanam
  • MBC Engineering College Peermade
  • SN College Kallar
  • Adithya College Kallar
  • State bank of india, elappara
  • State bank of india pambanar
  • State bank of travancore, elappara
  • State bank of travancore, peermade
  • South indian bank, peermade
  • Idukki district co operative bank kuttikkanam
  • Peermade agricultural development bank elappara
  • Co-operative bank, pambanar
  • Malanadu co-operative bank, elappara
  • Sreekrishna Swami Temple, Peermade
  • Sreekrishna Swami Temple, Elappara
  • Mariyamman Kovil, Tyford, Elappara
  • Sree Annapoorneswari Temple Chemmannu
  • Sree Murugan Kovil Pambanar
  • St. Mary’s Church Peermade
  • St. Josephs Church Kuttikkanam
  • Velankanni Matha Church Pattumala
  • Infan Jesus Church Kozhikkanam
  • CSI Church Pallikkunnu
  • Juma Masjid, Peermade
  • Juma Masjid, Pambanar
  • Juma Masjid, Elappara
  • Salafi Masjid, Peermade
  • Salafi Masjid, Elappara
  • Pops tea estate ,pambanar
  • Bethal plantations tea estate, memala, koduva
  • Hml tea estates, pattumala
  • Avt tea estates karadikuzhy
  • Tyford tea estate (aban tea) elappara
  • Bethal tea plantations kozhikkanam
  • Heliburia tea estate,(chinnar tea) heliburia
  • Jemraj tea plantations pattumudi
  • Athurasram peerumedu
  • SMS Club Library