Peruvanthanam Police Station

. Map 04869 280347

This Police Station was opened on 10-08-1978 vide G O (Rt) 1652/78/ Home dated 10-08-1978. This Police Station was shifted to the new building near 35 th mile, Kokkayar village on 11-02-1987 vide Government notification No. G.O. (Rt) 230/87/Home dated 31-01-1987. This Station was Started functioning in the temporary building No 257/viii of Kokkayar Panchayath of Peruvanthanam Village.

Peruvanthanam Police station is situated beside NH 183 at 35 th mile ,only 2 k.m east of Mundakayam ,the gateway of highrange.The land is surrounded by the Parrisons Malayalam Plantations Rubber estate. (click here to view map)

Sanctioned 2 2 6 24 0 3 37
Existing 1 1 5 22 0 1 30

Boarders of Police Station

Peruvanthanam Police Station Jurisdiction border comes Eastern side Peerumedu PS, Northern side Vagamon PS , and Western side Mundakkayam PS and Southern side Erumely Police Station.


  • Judicial First Class Magistrate Court-II, Peerumadu
  • Sub Divisional magistrate Court Idukki

Loksabha and Legislative Constituencies

  • Idukki Loksabha Constituency
  • Pererumadu Legislative Constituency


Panchayaths Population (as per the census of 2011)
Female Male Total
Peruvanthanam 8861 8929 17790
Kokkayar 6717 6276 12993
Total 15578 15205 30783

Village Offices

Village Office Located At Contact Number
Peruvanthanam Peruvanthanam 04869-280970
Kokkayar Kokkayar 04828-284404
Mlappara Moozhikkal 04828281008

Tourist Places



Panchalimedu is a an ideal place for trekking and Eco-friendly tourism, nearly 7 km away from muruinjauzha in NH 220. The myth about this place is that Panchapandavas stayed here during their vanavasa. One ancient pond and Sree Bhuvaneswari Devi temple situated here which attracts many devotees and tourists every year. This is believed that the pond was made by Bhima.

Ayyappa devotees gather here every year during Makaravilaku Mahotsavam as Makarajyothi can be seen from here. Police department give much importance to ensure the safety of the devotees

Valliyankavu Devi Temple.

Valliyamkunnu Temple

The history of the temple is as old as Dvapara Yuga.Pandavas during their exile reached Panchalimedu and stayed there for a long time.The tribes here were very helpful to them.Before Pandavas left the place, they gifted a statue of Durga Devi to the tribal chief.Also told them to pay tribute to the Goddess.But the tribes following their own pooja traditions turned Devi into Bhadra, a more fierce form.Thus the place became uninhabitable for the tribes.Devi reached the present Valliyamkavu region through the forest ropes.Hence the region was known by the name Valliyadikkavu which in course of time became Valliyamkavu. Later, Vanchipuzha thamburan granted the permission to the Aadhivasi moopan to worship the Goddess, and also 22 acres of land was given for the temple construction.As it increased the powers of Devi.Devotee's from various places arrived at the temple hearing the Powers of Devi.Travancore devaswom board refused to take over the temple as it followed rigorous practices.A case was filed in the court against the human and animal sacrifices.The court instructed the devaswom board to acquire the rights of the temple after the death of KandanKonthi, the tribal chief.

In 1993, the board acquired the rights of the temple following the death nof Kandankonthi.Many modifications were brought in the temple administration and pooja tradition's. As of the Devaprasnam, temple's for subordinate deities like Shiva, Ganapathi, Sree Bhuvaneswari devi, Nagaraja, Nagayakshi and Kalayakshi were construed.Thus the temple had undergone many changes.

Eight poojas are held here everyday including palliyunarthal, nadathurakkal, usha pooja and ucha pooja in the morning section. Evening section includes Nadathurakkal, Deeparadhana, Attazhapooja, Nadaadakkal and Guruthi

The Thiruutsavam and Pongala is hosted in the month of May (Meenam), in the presence of Many pilgrims.Durgashtami is also an important event.Special weekly days are tuesday and friday.Narangavilakku and aiswariya poojas are held on fridays.

Accident Prone areas

NH 183 passes in Peruvanthanam. Being the gateway of high range many dangerous curves invite accidents at many places in the road such as Kaduvappara , Pullupara , and Chamappara are specially noted and marked as black spots. The police department has already erected sign boards indicating the proximity of dangerous curves

Various Projects Functiong in Peruvanthanam Police Station

Clean Campus Safe Campus

As part of Clean campus safe campus High schools introduced by Government of Kerala, the programme is effectively implementing in all most all schools functioning under the station limit in a good manner. The goal of ‘Clean Campus and Safe Campus’ is to prevent using injurious/psychotropic substances by students and the effective implementation of the programme could achieve the goal to a great extent.

Students Police Cadets

Student Police Cadet Parade
Student Police Cadets

Student Police Cadet project is implemented in the St Antony’s High School, 34 th mile, Mundakayam east. Student Police Cadets in the school are actively participate various programmes organised by the government as well as Police department.

Important establishments and institutions

  • Peruvanthanam Village Office
  • Kokkayar Village Office
  • Mlappara Village Office
  • Peruvanthanam Panchayathu Office
  • Kokkayar Panchayathu Office
  • KSEB, Peruvanthanam
  • Krishi Bhavan 35th Mile
  • Krishi Bhavan Kokkayar
  • Veterinary Hospital Peruvanthanam
  • Veterinary Hospital 35th mile
  • Veterinary Hospital Mukkulam
  • PHC Peruvanthanam
  • PHC Kokkayar situated at Meloram
  • Ayurveda Hospital Vembly
  • Homeo Hospital Kokkayar
  • ST.Joseph’s Balika Bhavan, Peruvanthanam
  • Govt UPS -Paloorkavu
  • St Louis L P Schoo-Mundakayam east
  • St Josephs UP School, Peruvanthanam
  • St Josephs HSS- School, Peruvanthanam
  • St Josephs High- School, Peruvanthanam
  • St Sebastian LP School, Vadakkemala
  • St Antony’s HS, 34 TH mile
  • St Antony’s UPS, 34 TH mile
  • St Marys HS , Thekkemala
  • St Marys LP School, Kanayankavayal
  • Govt HS , Kanayankavayal
  • Govt HS, Kuttiplangadu
  • Govt HSs , Kuttiplangadu
  • St Thomas LPS , Amalagiri
  • T R &T LPS, Kuppkkayam
  • Govt UPS , Peruvanthanam
  • SMG UPS Meloram
  • St George HS, Mukkulam
  • Pappen Memorial English Medium School,34 th mile
  • PMA LPS, Peruvanthanam.
  • Kumaranasan Memorial L P Schoo,Maruthumoodu
  • State Bank Of India, 35th Mile
  • Union bank, pulickathadam , kokkayar
  • District co-operative bank, peruvanthanam
  • Co-operative bank, peruvanthanam
  • Sree Valliyankavu Devi Temple
  • Sree Dharmasastha Temle , Peruvanthanam
  • Sree Subrhamanyaswami Temple, 35th mile, Boys Estate
  • Sree Subrhamanyaswami Temple, Kodikuthy
  • Sree SIVA Temple Chennapara
  • Sree Umamaheswary Temple, Paloorkavu
  • Sree Subrhamanyaswami Temple, Mukkulam
  • Sree Sankaranarayana Temple Moozhikkal
  • Sree Umamaheswary Temple, Anakkulam
  • Sree Devi Temple Kadamamkulam
  • Sree Devi Temple Vembly
  • Sree Devi Temple Paanchalimedu
  • ST.Joseph Church Peruvanthanam
  • ST.George Church, Murinjapuzha
  • ST.Marys Church Kanayankavayal
  • ST.Antony’s church, 34th mile
  • ST.Thomas Church, Amalagiri
  • ST.Marys Church Thekkemala
  • ST.George Church, Murinjapuzha
  • ST.George Church, Anachary
  • Jum-a -Masjid, Peruvanthanam
  • Town Masjid, Peruvanthanam
  • Jum-a –Masjid Chennappara
  • Jum-a –Masjid Kuppakayam
  • Masjid at Vembly
  • Masjid at 35th mile
  • Medical Trust Hospital 35th mile
  • PHC Peruvanthanam
  • PHC Kokkayar
  • Ayurveda Hospital Vembly
  • Homeo Hospital Kokkayar