Clean Campus Safe Campus


      In family, school and community, children should be fully protected so they can survive, grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential. Unfortunately, the picture is a not as rosy as desired and thousands of children are not fully protected. Many of them are subjected to violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and/or discrimination every day. Such violations limit their chances of surviving, growing, developing and pursuing their dreams. Moreover, many of the caregivers pay very little attention in understanding the child's talents, dreams and aspirations and to provide congenial opportunities for their overall development.

     We, as responsible citizens of our country cannot shy away from our responsibilities and stand as mute spectators as the safety net around our children gets broken. We need to strengthen the fire wall of protection around our children and to ensure our children grow up in environments that build confidence, friendship, security and happiness, irrespective of a person's family circumstances or background.

      Substance use - use of any psychoactive substance other than medically prescribed - among children and adolescents are an urgent public health concern. Substance abuse at a younger age interferes with normative age appropriate development and makes the children more vulnerable to several health and psychosocial consequences. The long-term use of substances has an impact on a number of spheres of an individual's functioning, from psychological, cognitive difficulties and poor academic performance to issues in interacting with family members and society. Recent surveys and available literature show that substance use is increasing among children and adolescents. The problem is seen across all socioeconomic groups, from metropolitan cities to small towns and rural areas, with newer substances and multiple substance use also being documented. The fact that substances like tobacco, drugs and alcohol are considered to be the gateway for youngsters to tread on to more heinous crimes, calls for a collaborative and concerted effort to tackle all factors that can expose our children to such inappropriate activities. Since children spend most of their time in the formative years in schools and other educational institutions, it is highly imperative that they are provided with the safest and cleanest campuses.

       Concerned at this, the Kerala Government is launching a widespread campaign aimed at arresting the rising prevalence of substance abuse and other inappropriate social behaviour among students named 'Clean Campus, Safe Campus', the Home, Education & Health Departments have come together to give shape and implement this long-term campaign that will target students up to standard 12 in the first phase.

    For the effective implementation, School and District Level committees are formed in Idukki District.

Last updated on Tuesday 24th of May 2022 AM